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Eternity's pov

I glanced at her, and her face lacked the glimmer that every girl's face has at her wedding; her hopes had been destroyed. I looked at me.

Eternity beautiful wedding dress

I'm wearing a lovely lace off-shoulder bridal gown

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I'm wearing a lovely lace off-shoulder bridal gown. But my eyes are still swollen from sobbing all night. I used a lot of bb cream, concealer, and foundation to mask my tired face, but I still look like a crying mess.

Since childhood, I've had a lot of wedding fantasies, as my maternal grandma used to say.

Marriage isn't something you wear on your finger or sign on a piece of paper. It should be relished rather than endured. It's the coming together of two hearts that beat as one, each willing to make sacrifices for the happiness and well-being of the other. Marriage is so lovely that it would be a blooming rose in the natural world, with its dazzling petals permitted to unfold in the warm sunlight. Maybe that's why we offer roses to the people we care about and include them in our holy couplings so frequently. Marriage is a gift we offer to one other, a lifelong link between soul mates.

However, things are different in my situation. My soulmate isn't getting married to me. I'm being married to Aaron Knight, the Devil, and we'll never be one since I've always been a lone wolf.

He despises me because he only cares about his success, his name and celebrity, and his multibillion-dollar firm's profits because he believes I'm a traitor who might jeopardise his company and reputation.


"You," he yelled, and I jolt back a little at the sound of his voice.

"I'd want to speak with her alone," he said, and everyone began to leave.

It's just him and me now.

He's approaching me now. I bowed my head because I lacked the strength to gaze into his ferocious angry eyes, which appear to burn me.

"Please trust me when I say that I did nothing wrong and that I don't even know that man," she said. Tears were about to pour from my eyes, but I didn't let them since I hadn't done anything wrong, I whispered in hushed tones. I've never deceived a friend or a family member.

"You know you might be found guilty and spend years in prison," he remarked bitterly.

"But I don't know that man. He comes and gives me that file before I could ask. He already goes," I said, feeling rooted to the spot.

"Stop lying." I know people like you who don't know anything except to betray people and grab black money, " "He said to me and my heart got shattered at his words."

How can he judge me without knowing the truth? Anger flooded inside me.

I know you are pissed off because of this data and personal information leak scandal, but no one gives you the right to talk to me like this. I won't appreciate the tone you are talking to me in. I can feel my vein that pulses, becomes engorged

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