Chapter 3

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As I quickly spray some perfume on my neck and my wrists before I wrap up in a robe. I'm wearing my lace pajamas underneath.

Theres a knock at the door as I sit at the vanity.

"Come in." I say as I run my fingers through my hair.

"You know, I'm sure your father wouldn't like all that lace." He says, as he sits down in one of the chairs. His eyes dance across my body.

"And yet, you like it." I say.

"I never said I did." He states, testing me.

"You didn't have to say it. Because your eyes did." I imply.

I can't tell if he's smiling or not but he soon then, turns away.

I get up and walk up to him. Hes still looking away from me.
"You can look at me." I laugh.
"It's not like you will get in trouble for looking at me." I add.

"Are you trying to get me fired?" he asks quietly, finally looking back at me.

I smile.

I walk over to my vanity and fluff my hair. I look through the mirror and catch him staring.

"You should get to bed now." He says looking down at the floor.

I slip off the robe and hang it up and he watches me sit on the bed.

"How old are you..?" I ask, after a long moment of silence.

"Not much older than you." He says still not looking me in the eyes.

"An exact age?" I ask.
He sighs before he answers me.

"21." He says.
I nod and lay down.

I can't sleep with him in here. With him watching me.

"I can't sleep." I say, fidgeting with my mothers ring that I keep on my right hand ring finger.

He doesn't say anything.

"Not when your watching me." I add.

He sighs.

"Well I can't leave." He says. He rests his head in the palm of his hand, leaning on the arm of the chair.

I roll my eyes and roll over to the other side so I'm not facing him.

But still, it feels weird with him watching me.

It's silent for a while until it breaks when he says,
"Tell me about you."

I blink and sit up.

"What?" I ask.

"I can't exactly tell you about myself, so tell me about you." He says staring at me.

I lay down on my back at tell him everything.

He just listens.

It's nice to have somebody to talk to.
I tell him about how I sneak out because I wish my life was more simple. I tell him that I resist my fathers training to stay away from his mafia. I tell him about my mother dying and how I never knew why. And I tell him that I'm always alone in this place.

But as I keep talking I begin to whisper and fall asleep.


She's beautiful and gorgeous. And I never thought I could come to like her before I knew her.

When she talks about her life I can't help but feel bad for all that she's went through.

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