calm before the storm

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"I thought it was still possible everything was all right

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"I thought it was still possible everything was all right.
Why did I think that?
Because I had not heard otherwise,
I was in the middle of a mystery."

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When the old man finally came back into the room, Thea almost shot up from her seat. Wide blue eyes regarded his tense form, wondering if he had come to his senses and would agree with their plan.

This is Five. Of course he's going to agree! We're his family!

She looked towards Luther and frowned at the obvious nervousness he was displaying. Cocking her head to the side, she glanced at the younger Five, too, and realised that she just might be the only one here not hiding something.

For once in my I actually the one missing out on something? 

She scrunched her nose as she continued watching the way that both Five's stared the other down and how Luther shifted from foot to foot, as though stuck in the tension like quicksand.

I hate not knowing things! This is definitely not okay with me! I hate being left out! She sighed. Now I know how Klaus always feels...

"We good?"

"Scored the deal," Luther said with an entirely too-shifty smile.

"Better hurry up – only an hour left until showtime," commented the older Five, wearing a carefully blank expression.

The younger Five shot up from his seat and regarded his older self with a shrewd gaze. "Why are you so anxious to get going all of a sudden?"

"Relax," the old man drawled, a smarmy smile on his face. He was taunting his younger-self. "You're getting paranoid."

"Um," Thea finally spoke out, her eyes flickering between both of them like she was watching two rabid dogs gear up to fight; sizing the other up. "I think you're both beginning to suffer from paranoia..."

They were both exhibiting symptoms of paradox psychosis, sweating and itching; their twitching bodies causing a scene that approached disturbing rather than comedic. Thea worried for both of them; after all, they were her brother.

Or was it brothers? Emphasis on the plural? Or is that weird, because they're both exponentially older than me? Bah! I'm too scatter-brained for this kind of rational thought...

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