Chapter 15 -A Cold Welcome

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"Why do I feel like he's going to do something dramatic?" 

Lily's side comment caused Emmett to snort. "Cause you've met him."

Esme walked around the head and smacked Emmett lightly on the back of his head, "Be nice. This is big for him. It's big for all of us, really. We never had a human know before."

"Really, mom? I'm right here."

Esme waved to Lily with a slight hand motion as Alice plopped into the seat next to her. "You don't count, Lily. No offense, but this is a non-Cullen human."

Lily rolled her eyes as her family slowly congregated in the kitchen. Edward had left moments earlier to drive Bella to school. Any disruption in routine was exciting to the vampires who were settled into decades of routines. Lily presented some variety in their routine, but soon, she too became a staple in their lives. Her human quirks were to be expected.

Emmett and Alice were more exuberant than usual. Emmett, having found a new way to tease his brother, had not stopped making side comments over the past 24 hours. To be honest, he thought little of the consequences that could become Bella. He had slipped up in the past, but he accepted that as a part of life. It wasn't that he was unremorseful, he just didn't think it was a big issue.

On the other side of the spectrum, all of Alice's excitement came from Bella Swan. Lily guessed she could understand the enthusiasm. It must be hard knowing the future and knowing the friendship that will be formed but having no actual interaction with the person in question. Edward had done his best to keep the two girls away from each other, but those days were coming to an end.

Lily still felt conflicted about the whole situation. Bella and she were almost opposites in every way. Bella had an alluring odor that tempted the entire coven while Lily's scent was faint and easily ignored. Bella had the advantage of privacy from Edward's and Alice's powers. Lily, while distant and hard to focus on, could become susceptible to their powers if they concentrated enough. She had to admit though, she didn't see many positive outcomes from this. Her family fought hard against instincts to never turn another human. On some level, Lily thinks Carlisle regrets changing some of the family. If Esme wasn't his mate, he would've stopped after Rosalie's turmoil over the process.

Rosalie. She was still a vocal advocate against Bella's and Edward's budding relationship. Lily slowly found herself unable to bring herself to disagree with the blonde vampire. Lily put up with her almost constant ranting over the topic. It was healthy to vent even if it did feel draining to the human. She occasionally spoke in Bella's defense but never Edward's. She agreed he should know the consequences of his actions. Bella, of no fault of her own, wanted to get closer to Edward as any teenager wanted to get closer to their crush. She would end up desiring this life. It was inevitable, but it was destructive. Lily, even as she desperately wanted to protect herself from the upcoming separation from her family, felt herself getting pulled back into their warm and loving nature. She wanted to stay but knew she had to leave. She needed to prepare her mind and heart for that reality. Even so, she would laugh with them or carve the warm embrace of her cold mother.

Or she would catch a glance of Rosalie curled up in a chair reading, working in the garage with a smear of grease on her cheek, or shimmering slightly as she drove in one of the cars and she knew that she would almost give up anything to have more moments like these. What she would give to have these moments for eternity.


"I told you guys!"

"No one was arguing with you," Jasper commented as he stood beside Lily.

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