Chapter 5

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The maid opens the the door and he walks in.

"I'll leave you two." Said the maid.

I look at her and she's in bed.
Her hair is drenched wet and curled up with a pillow.

"You ok?" I ask. I sit down next to her.

She shrugs.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" I ask.

"Tell you about what?" She says quietly.

Before I answer her I take a deep breath.

"Your feelings about me." I say not looking at her.

"Well I probably wouldn't had told you if I was sober so I thought nows a good time." She says rolling over to the other side so she's not facing me.

"You can't leave like that anymore ok?" I ask her.

She doesn't respond. I figure she's asleep and I shouldn't say anything more until she breaks the silence.

"You still don't get, it do you?" She says as still as can be.

"What do you mean?" I ask sitting up and looking over her shoulder.

"I did it because I'm living in a bubble. And if I don't get out now, I won't get out ever." She says turning back over to me.

"Well you won't get out like this." I say.

"I can't hear you in that mask." She says.

She slowly reaches her hand out.
I turn my head away from her.

She sits up.

"Can you just tell me already?" She asks.

"Tell you what?" I reply. I know what she wants but if I admit anything to her it could ruin everything.

"How you feel about me?" She's looking too deeply into my eyes.

I smile and shake it off.

"Your crazy." I say as I flop down next to her.

"Maybe." She says.

She inches closer to me with her eyes closed and lays her head on my chest. I know it's wrong but I don't want to move her.

"You never answered my question." She says with her eyes still closed. Shes half asleep.

I sigh.

"I do like you. And the reason I asked your father to a new position is because I can't focus when I'm around you. I only think about you and never anything else." I say looking down at her.

Her eyes are still closed and I'm hoping she didn't catch everything i said and will forget about it in the morning.

"Oh." She says.

I watch her finally drift off and so do I.


When I wake up she's in the same place she was last night.

I slowly shift away and she's still asleep.

I get up and pull off my shirt to change into something else. Not facing her.

"hey.." I hear.

I quickly turn around and she's up.

"Damn." She says as she sits up and stares at me.

I turn back around so she can't see me.

"Wait." She says. I hear her voice coming closer to me.

She stands infront of me.

She eyes me up and down examining me.

I look away from her. If I make eye contact with her I might just lose it.

"Look at me." she says.

I look down instead. Shes driving me crazy.

"What you said last night, is it true?" she asks looking up at me.

"I dont-" I begin, before she tuggs my mask off and kisses me.

I jerk back in suprise but then I start kissing her back.


Im kissing him and hes kissing me back. I wasnt even thinking when I did that. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me in closer.
Although I barely know him, I feel like im in love.

I wrap my hands around his neck and he keeps kissing me.

Until he slowly pulls away.

"I shouldnt had done that... I dont know why.." he starts.

"I liked it." i say as i smile at him. I start to get a better view of his face. Hes handsome. In every possible way.

"Ive been waiting to do that to you." I add as I slowly back up from him.

"Kiss me...?" he asks as he puts his mask back on.

"Yeah." I say as I turn around and sit on my vanity stool.

"So about this... It was just a one time thing.." he says as he grabs a shirt from his bag.

I turn around so quickly.

"What do you mean...?" I ask, suddenly getting upset.

"Well for starters, we kissed. Secondly, you saw me with my mask off." he begins.

"so..?" I say as I give him a hurt look.

"So your dad, who is my boss, who is a Mafia leader, could kill me if he found out." he says as he runs his fingers through his hair.

I lean back.

"he wont kill you." I say as I smile and roll my eyes.

"Gen, im serious." he pleads.

I love that. He just gave me a nick-name. I smile at the ring to it.

"Im serious too. Plus hes gone all week. Which means... we still have time to be together." I say as I walk back up to him.

He sighs and looks like hes giving deep thought.

"And you dont think I would let him hurt you do you?" I laugh. This makes him smile. Although he has his mask on I can tell.

"Ill be back. Okay?" he says. I smile and nod.

He leaves and I start getting ready. I assume were going to the city square to go shopping. We live in Italy ofcourse. But I go shopping all the time. Its not as special as everyone makes it seem. But this time it will be. Because hes coming with me.

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