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That's what I am feeling right now !!

What else do you expect from me?Mr dumbhead who's definition for was rude for me is now all sweet now !

Well yea! When I met him,That guy  who was like who won't even speak more than two words at a time and that too so rudely , his words were like dripped in neem juice and then thrown at me.

But now ?

He is all sugary sweet - now his words like coated with honey.

I just wonder what changed in one night?!

He is like a whole different person, not that I don't like it or I complaint .

It's just so ....wierd, for me
I can't just wrap my  head around this so easily , it'll take some time.

It's not like I don't like this new Mr six packs. But it's a whole lot of change in him for me.

I like it , offcourse I do ....I never like that rude attitude of his .

See , what is this o don't even know if I like this new him or not .I am even confused that I am confused or not.
Does this even making any sense!

Amy, you have gone mad .

He is now, all flirty, with his all sweet talks , that makes me feel giddy !

Do you even know How shocked I was when I saw him with me on bed. Shocked would be an understatement . I thought I was dreaming .
And you know what I did ?
I poke my finger in his cheek !!!

Can you believe that ??

And the next thing I know , he feeds me with his own hands ....

All of a sudden hugs me .

Hug me to sleep

That day was a full roller coaster for me .

I thought he was acting to make mumma believe we are fine but he said NO !
He wasn't acting .

I mean we are really behaving like couples .

Yea, he hugs me to sleep.
We have our meals together.
And he cooks dinner for me daily !!
I just love his meals ...he is an amazing cook.

He hugs me anytime he wants!

He also give me goodbye hugs and kisses !
This all feels so .....weird , but good.

Mumma left the day we encounter that bathroom incident.

He walks in the bathroom when I was bathing.
Do you even know , what he said?? That
He can even join me if he wants , he has that legal right !!!

I was all red due to anger, embarrassment and....blushing !

He doesn't even let me get out of his site, whether I  am drawing , eating or what else.... except when I am in washroom .

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