Chapter Three

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Tasha's Pov
"Alright you two! So who would you like to invite to the wedding, let's get this all in motion."  I held back a soft yawn, but I focused my attention on Kikyo who sat in front of us with a lot of magazines and different things like that.

Illumi let a small yawn out his head resting on my shoulders a bit. "You had the butler's wake us up for this?" Illumi grumbled looking like a sleepy duckling he stretched out a little nuzzling my shoulder more.

"You shouldn't even be in her room yet Illumi, only married couples sleep together." She waved her finger at him.

"It was cold in my room mother, plus Tasha is so warm." I didn't have time to react when Illumi had moved his head to rest on my chest his arms around my stomach.

"She is so cuddly and I love it." He mumbled a bit. I finally managed to shake the sleep away from me I finally  started playing with his long hair hearing him purr.

He was almost like a cuddly cat, that was curious.  A full week I had been here and everyday. I was just in more shock then the last. They had a huge beast like creature guarding the front gate.

The whole entire mountain belong to them. They even had a tour guide bus that would let people only get to the front gate. Who the hell needs seven gates?! I had finally met Silva and he was very much more imitating then I was expecting.

"Lets do white and black, maybe I can wear a dress." Illumi grinned a little looking at me.

"You actually would look really good in a skirt Illumi." I gasped looking at him closely. He was feminine no doubt but at the same time he was handsome.

"You two have gotten so close and I find it adorable, so white and black?" Kikyo started writing things down.

"Mother you are gonna be spending a lot of money on this what for?" He questioned nuzzling into me even more.

"Because I want it to be perfect." She whined out.

"Then I wanna wear a dress." Illumi declared out.

"I'm fine with wearing a pants suit, I've learned not to really argue with him when he wants something." I trailed off laughing quietly.

"What kind of dress dear?" She asked interested. "Black." He answers a little. Now that I started thinking about things fully, I think Illumi liked crossing dressing, he could so rock anything he tried on.

"Then I'll wear white." I answered back. Illumi grabbed at my hand holding it close lacing it.

"Just so you two know I'm inviting the whole town, we can make the back yard all pretty." Illumi once again scrunched his face up.

"Yes just invite the whole town so they can get eaten by Mike." We both ended snorting so hard, and I hid my laughter.

"Maybe I'll invite Hisoka, but he does have a strange obsession with Killua and his friend Gon." Illumi played with our hands more.

"Mother I'm so exhausted can we finish this later." Illumi asked very hopeful.

"Of course sweetie, I need to talk to Tasha though," Illumi sighed but then kissed my cheek leaving me alone with Kikyo. I couldn't really tell what her expression was since her face eyes were covered again today.

"He trusts you Tasha, I always had a feeling he was into cross dressing, and being submissive, I suppose he really does take after me." I sat up at straight a little clutching my hands in my lap.

"Excuse me ma'am? " I asked her confused watching her rubbing at her cheeks.

"Oh you must be confused dear! Illumi has like two sides of him, he has the one where he is like super scary that's his assassin side we taught him, but when he trusts someone, he shows the innocent, clingy cross dressing side, basically he has picked you as his dom he trusts." I was in a small state of shock but I found it so freaking cute.

"That's so cute." I muttered quietly but I sat up again.

"But if I hear you judge him, or make fun of him I'll have your throat slit." I took her threat very seriously and gulp.

" Kikyo it's only been the first week but I care about Illumi even if he might be a little different from other guys, he might not have other emotions like others but... I'm willing to slowly fall in love with him and to take care of him, and then when the time comes to have his child. " I told her cracking a smile.

Though I'm not overly confident in my mother skills. I let my mind drift off to Illumi. Yeah I think you are ten times more cuter.

*So I decided to change the story line a bit since I find Illumi more cute and sub like, it will be a femdom/mommy book

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