Chapter 18

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Hi guys, another chapter for you. ❤️

~Xavior's POV

I watch her stare out of the car's window as we drive through the city. I'm planning on taking her to my uncle's restaurant that is the best in town. We drive in a comfortable silence and it brings a sense of peace to my soul.

Being in the mafia has brought lots of disruptions and chaos into my life. This new feeling is almost too much to handle, but in a good way. She brings me peace in a world of disaster.

I'm the first to speak. "What are you thinking about so hard, love?" she awakens from her thoughts and turns to me while giving me the most breath taking smile I have ever seen.

"I'm just thinking about my finals and life after I graduate since I'll have to look for work soon." she says which leaves an unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach. Why does she want to work when I can give her everything?

"You can work with us, in the hospital I mean, that way you won't have to stress about finding a job" I explain to her. She looks deep in thought and says " I'll think about it."

We make it to the restaurant and I turn off the ignition. I get out of the car and make my way over to Victoria's side to open the door for her. She places her tiny hand in mine and gets out of the car making sure she pulls down her dress.

We walk hand in hand to the restaurant, I bend down to whisper in her ear. " Did I mention how absolutely gorgeous you look tonight, Victoria." she blushes intensely causing me to smirk.

"I think you have mentioned it once" she ends off with a light giggle. I take my hand out of hers and slide my arm around her waist pulling her impossibly close to me.

"Is this your family's restaurant?" Victoria asks as we make our way to the door.

I open the door to see that the place is almost packed with customers. "Yes love, this is my uncle's restaurant. He built it from scratch because he wanted to be a chef, not a mafia member" I explain to her as I see my uncle Ricardo make his way over to us.

"Ebbene ciao, da molto tempo non ci vediamo Xavior. E guarda che stasera hai portato un bel Tesoro" (Well hello there, long time no see Xavior. And look you've brought quite the treasure tonight) my uncle greets in an enthusiastic manner.

Victoria laughs while shaking my uncles hand. "Hi there, nice to meet you. I'm Victoria". My uncle smiles and kisses her hand. Ricardo really looks well after himself, his built frame tucked under a tight fitted suit, his dark gray hair slicked back making him look much younger than he actually is. Since he barley has wrinkles, it contributes to his good looking looks.

"Hey, stop eyeing my woman, she's mine." I end off chuckling. Ricardo lifts his hand in surrender and takes a step back. He breaks the silence by pointing to an area near the window.

"Right this way to your seat fine sir and beautiful young lady." he says with a wink making both victoria and I laugh. We walk to our seats which is right next to the window, so that we have a view of the beautiful lights outside.

A waitress comes to our table and takes our order.

~~some time later~~
~Victoria's POV

We finish our meal which was absolutely amazing. Xavior and I got to know each other, like the basics such as birthdays, likes and dislikes. It was filled with laughs and me choking multiple times on my drink as Xavior is quite the joker.

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