Taste of her own candy 🍭 (Part 2)

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Namjoon's Pov

I knocked on her door couple of second she opened she looked surprised

Sarah: Hey~ what brings you here?

Namjoon: well, I wanted to ask if you wanted to eat! *shows food*

Sarah: That would be lovely! Come in don't mind the mess

As soon as I got in I got disgusted by the sudden smell of the room, Vodka , that's the smell....

I followed her into the dining room, which actually looked decent, I gave her the tacos and the soda, she ate them gladly and I noticed her trying to flirt and eat cute in front of me....Disgusting

Sarah: this food taste kinda of weird. What do they have in them?

Namjoon: some beef, chicken, some lettuce, tomato, and sauce

Sarah: Ohh *finish food* ok well thank you so much much for the food

Namjoon: no problem, you deserve it for treating us correct at the restaurant

Sarah: well~ *gets closer* how about we take this to somewhere else?

Namjoon: how about some tv first?

Sarah: ugh, fine

She showed me into her living room which the couch were a cyan color while the curtain and carpet white, kinda simple. We both sit down and turn on Netflix, she put it 365 days, oh gosh- this is going to be long..and the worst day of my life..

After 40 minutes

It was about half of the movie when she started feeling sleepy, she was like that for about 5 minutes, into she went to dream land.

Namjoon: *though phone* done

Police 1: perfect coming in, you may evacuate the area sir

Namjoon: ok thanks

Police 1: thank you for agreeing to participate in this, she turns out to be wanted in 3 other countries, one of them for murder

I leave the area rush into the hospital to see how's everything going

I see Yoongi sitting on the chair sleeping getting hold of Jimin, Jin and Hoseok trying to make a comfortable conversation while we had Tae and Kook looking though the window of the door jungkook eventually sees me coming his way

Jungkook: JOON-


What will happen? Would you be dead?
Would you still be in coma?
Would you now be awake?

Comment letting me know which one you wish to happen the most!

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