Meet Us

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For a start, I am their biological mother even though sometimes I wonder if they were exchanged at birth😒😒.

We have two girls and a lil boy. The girls came first and the boy just turned 15months.

Their dad is stationed outside our state so comes home twice or once a month, this will explain why you might encounter few daddy moments.

Our first daughter is Kaima; Well it's actually Chikaima (meaning "only God we know" when translated in English), and she's six years old.

Our second is Simdi; Chisimdindu in full, meaning "I'm alive because of God" (this isn't a literal translation please). She's four.

Our third and first son is Kamsi; Kamsiyochukwu in full meaning "Just as I asked God". He's fifteen months now.

Let me say it again. I am their mother, just so you know.

Now let's begin.

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