Chapter One

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It's a beautiful night. Night's are used to be dark but not anymore, the night sky is aglow with bright city lights. Moon is shining perfectly. Everything is so perfect. But, somewhere someone, maybe facing the darkness of life. Nights are not black anymore because of the city lights and busy roads. But, what about the life? There are many people, who face their dark life, loneliness life alone. There are some people who feel dusky while sun shine perfectly in middle of the sky. Nights are not black anymore but life are.

Loud music, lot's of light everyone is dancing, drinking and enjoy among themselves. It's a nightclub.

"Why you called me?!" A loud screaming stopped everyone's enjoyment.

"Don't you know? I hate you with my whole heart. I don't want to see you. I don't want to hear your voice. I'm saying you it again. I hate you don't call me again. You are no one for me. You are no one. Did you get it?"

A boy was shouting on someone in phone.

"Hey Xiao Zhan, you are shouting on whom?" A voice came from behind the boy which caught his attention.

Xiao Zhan cut the call immediately and turned back. "What do you want?" Zhan asked loudly. He was angry but, there were tears on his eyes.

"Come let's have some drinks ." Said the boy.

"Drink? Why? Don't you have money for if? Of course you don't have." Zhan said taking out all cash from his wallet and throw all money on that boy's face.

"I didn't sa..

"You didn't say anything but, I know you guys very well. You guys are with me because of money." Zhan said cut the boy in middle. His blood red eyes, which was almost full with tears. With a blink tears rolled down from his cheeks.

Zhan walk out from the nightclub and get in his car. Zhan thorw his phone in backseat and closed the car door.

"I'm want to die. I want to die. Oh God?! Everyday, every second how many people die in car accident. Don't you see me?" Zhan screamed in a pain which, he is bearing from many years. Tears was rolling down from his cheeks.

Zhan start his car wiping his tears and, started driving towards his house.

"I hate my cursed life. I hate her." Zhan shouted while driving and speed up his car.

After few moments, Zhan stopped his car when, his gaze fall on a figure.

"What is he doing here?" Zhan mumble himself with a confusion.

Zhan went out from the car and, fixed his walk towards that figure.

"Hoy, what are you doing here?" Zhan asked standing infront of the boy.

"Oh!! Gege." The boy react in surprised.

"What are you doing here, Ji Yang?" Zhan asked raising his eyebrows.

"Gege, I'm doing some assignments with my friend, Hao Xuan." Ji Yang said introducing the boy standing beside him.

"Doing assignment? Or?!!" Zhan asked in teasing tone.

"Stop it gege." Ji Yang said but, he couldn't hide his blushing cheeks.

"Hello, Hao Xuan." Zhan waved

"Hello, gege. How are you?" Hao Xuan asked with a smile.

"I'm fine. How are you?" Zhan asked smiling and back.

"So, are you guys dating?" Zhan asked teasingly.

"Errr, gege. Please stop it nah." Ji Yang said slapping Zhan's hand softly.

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