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Safiyah ascended the stony steps of Priderock with her small cub secured in her mouth, excited to introduce her to the two new brothers.

Her cub was Y/N, a little small from birth, sporting her mother's H/C pelt. She had her rogue father's E/C eyes and, of course, some baby spots covering her body.

"Safiyah," Ahadi nodded in greeting, his black mane flowing in the gentle morning breeze. "And this is Y/N?" He smiles down at you, leaning close.

You giggle and bap his brown pridelander nose with your paw, and he chuckles deep at you. "They're inside, Uru is struggling to figure out nursing but I'm confident she gets a hang of it soon."

"I'll give her some tips," your mother smiles before bowing, and then walking inside the large cave. Inside was the Queen, Uru, laying down with two little cubs nestles against her stomach. She was very muscular compared to her lanky husband, and had a very strong jaw. Her piercing red eyes locked onto you and your mother as you entered, and her smile lines against ehr eyes crinkled as she grinned.

"Are you here to meet Taka and Mufasa?" Uru asked, watching as Safiyah placed you on the ground gently.

You were a few days younger than the brothers and confidently crawled toward them, flailing to try and get their attention. But they were too busy feeding. Uru looked at you and laughed gently before pointing to the bigger, golden cub. "This is Mufasa, he is older by a few hours," she then pointed to the dark orange cub, who was small and almost frail, "And this is Taka. We had a little scare when I gave birth to him," she said to your mother, "Poor thing had no heartbeat, but Rafiki was patient and unclogged his airways."

"Thank the stars that he's alright," Safiyah smiled, watching you try to wiggle your way in between the two. "I hope they become great friends when they're older."

"I'm sure they will!" Uru perked up, "Did you know Siti and Raziya are also expecting? They'll all be such cute friends."

"Oh, no way!" Your mother grinned, "Do they know their fathers?"

The two adult's conversation faded into the background as you shoved at the orange cub and he looked at you. He opened his mouth but all that came from it was a tiny squeak and then a yawn. His eye cracked open and you saw a gorgeous emerald green staring back at you.

Uru looked back down at you all and let out a gasp, "Oh, Great Kings, Taka just opened his eyes! He has the same green as his father..."

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