Chapter One

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Bright blinding headlights were headed straight for them on the narrow winding road. Fear wracked her body. To the left was the enormous jagged mountainside and to the right was the edge of the cliff. The ear-piercing scream of her mother would be embedded in her mind forever. The smell of the burning rubber of the tires would also haunt her. As she was thrown violently through the windshield onto the darkened road. Her thoughts went to her parents who were tightly secured by their seatbelts. Maybe they would survive, she hoped. She watched in horror as the car careened over the side of the cliff. Then listened to the horrible sound of the car overturning and crashing down the mountainside. Finally, the sounds stopped, only to be replaced by a huge explosion of fire. Despair overtook her.

The oncoming car that caused the catastrophe was stopped on the road. A dark figure emerged from inside. The moonlight wouldn't illuminate the persons features. They stood at the edge of the cliff and watched as the fire below raged. She looked at the car and saw no license plate. She couldn't have read it even if she tried in the darkness. The figure  walked back to their car and got inside. They slowly drove passed her where she lay bleeding in the blackness of the night. She didn't try to get the drivers attention. She somehow knew doing so would not have been in her best interest.

Her head was pounding and throbbing. She felt the warmth of blood sliding down her face and neck. She tried to pull herself up but couldn't. All her senses started coming back to her now. The immense pain was overwhelming. She could feel a gash in her arm she hadn't noticed a moment ago. Looking at it, she could see the moonlight hitting a shinny object protruding from the injury. Probably part of the windshield she thought. Her head became cloudy and she felt dizzy. She began to vomit onto the rocky ground beneath her. Then she felt nothing.


He bolted awake in his bed. The emotions assaulted him quickly. One right after the other. Fear, pain, terror, anguish, confusion, despair, sorrow, agony, then nothing. Something horrible happened to her. He raced to his parents' room and began franticly telling them what he felt. Tears were streaming down his face unbidden. His parents hurried to a phone and tried to call her, then her parents. No answer. They called the guardian. He would know what to do. He would fix this.

Within minutes, at least ten people were at their home. All in robes and pajamas. A look at the clock told him it was after 2 in the morning. They huddled around speculating about his experience. What it could have meant. The guardian was on the phone with someone. It sounded like their rescue team. The guardian appeared calm and in charge as always. But he could tell that it was only that, an appearance. Everyone was as confused and horrified as he was. Fear gripped him. What if she was dead? How could he go on without her? He quickly dismissed that thought. She wasn't gone. He knew it. He couldn't feel her anymore, but that didn't mean she was dead. Right?

As the night drug on, and daylight started to peek through the windows, his hope was all but gone. They didn't know exactly where she had been. How could they send a search party if they didn't know their location? They would have to check over half the state. Contacting the police was out of the question. They would never believe he simply felt her emotions. They couldn't be trusted with that bit of information anyway. They would be of no help.


She awoke to the sound of voices. But the throbbing in her head had intensified. She hesitated to open her eyes. The sunlight would only make it worse. She could feel the warmth on her skin. It was morning. Maybe this nightmare was over. No, this was real. She felt a hand on her face. "I think she's alive!" a woman's voice said. "Oh, thank God! I'm on hold with 911 right now", replied a soothing male voice. "It's okay sweetie, help is coming", said the woman. Then she went blank once again.

The next coherent moment, she was being lifted onto something and put into a vehicle. She was poked and prodded by needles and other equipment. At least she was alive. It was a long bumpy ride to what she assumed would be a hospital. She could hear the siren blaring. A man hovered over here talking to someone else and checking her with various instruments. "You are one lucky girl. We are going to get you fixed up." She heard him say. She didn't know if lucky was the right expression in this case.

Her time at the hospital was a blur of tests and falling in and out of sleep. They must have given her some pain meds and a sedative because she couldn't stay awake and the pain wasn't as sever any more. Maybe they got that shard of glass out of her arm. She couldn't exactly remember how she got it in the first place. An accident of some sort she assumed.

What she assumed was the next day, the police came asking a lot of questions that she couldn't answer. Why was she almost dead on the side of the road? Where was her family? What was her name? She didn't know the answer to any of those. Her brain was so muddled. Maybe it was the drugs. They took numerous x-rays and scans of her body. A phycologist pelted her with confusing questions. Nothing made sense.

Wouldn't someone notice that she was missing? They started calling her Jane. She didn't like that. The only name that kept popping into her head was Grayson. They thought it must be her last name. They searched some sort of database. It was no help. Maybe her parents would come soon and find her. They must be looking. But maybe they were stuck in a hospital somewhere too. Was she with them when she got hurt. She had no idea. It was all a blur. She was sure it would come to her soon.

But it didn't.

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