Chapter 2

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3 Years Later


"I know what I felt Dad. It's her. She's alive." I practically yelled. "Son, I know you want her to be alive, so do I. We all do. But their car exploded in that fire. She couldn't have survived it." He told me with sadness in his voice. I know he missed her too and wished she was here. But he couldn't feel what I felt. It was her. I grasped the amber bracelet I always wore. The one that she had the other half of. It made me feel something. Nothing in this world could make me feel anything since she'd been gone. "It doesn't seem possible, but I know it is Dad. I felt her emotions, for the first time in three years. She was afraid, and she was angry. I can't feel anyone else but her." "You are afraid and angry, those are your emotions Grayson, not hers."

It was no use having this argument again. He wouldn't believe me until I brought her home. And that is exactly what I was going to do. I turned and stormed out of the room. My anger wasn't going to help Dad see the truth. I needed to think rationally, not emotionally. I had to go out to California and look for myself. That's where the accident was, and that is were she will be. I could sense from the one short burst of emotion I got a few days ago, that she was far. The same distance she was the last time I ever felt her. Why hadn't she come home to Colorado? It didn't make sense. None of it did. How did they go over that cliff? Her Dad was a skilled driver. Something must have distracted him. But what? All my questions would be answered as soon as I found her.

I set in motion the plan I had formulated the day I felt her. I had to travel to California and get closer to where she was. I would feel her presence more strongly there. We were bonded. I would sense her. I knew I would. I had my fake I.D.s, birth certificates, and passports ready. We were always ready to go at a moments notice. I double checked that my bank account still had all the money I'd been saving from the apps I made. It would last me for years if I needed. But I know it won't take me long to find her, once I'm out there.

I needed a place to stay that would be portable. A recreational vehicle was the best choice. I could have all my computer equipment safely inside wherever I went without nosy hotel staff snooping around. A home away from home. I could rent a car once I got out there. I packed clothes and other necessities into just a couple of suit cases. I went to my nightstand and took out the little photo album I kept of all her pictures. Some of just her. But many more of us together. Some of our families as well. I packed my camera, tablet, laptop and other electronics. You can't do any serious hacking without your gear. I grabbed all my cash as well. Sometimes cash can get you answers from people who don't like to talk. And I had lots of questions.

I made my way into town. No one had noticed me leaving. I would park my truck someplace where they could come pick it up later. The R.V. dealership was right in town. The owner was friendly and more than happy to sell me one of his nicest motorhomes. Thanks to my fake I.D. he didn't wonder why a 17-year-old kid would be dropping a ton of cash on it instead of a sports car. I told him I wanted to travel the United states before settling down. He bought it.

I started my journey to find the girl I loved. The one I was bonded to at birth. Her and I were born to be together. I wasn't going to let anything stand in our way. I had wasted three years believing my family when they said she was dead. Now I had to take matters into my own hands. I had to find her and save her from whatever was keeping her from me. What had made her so scared? I hoped I would find out soon.

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