Cake and Whip

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Yoongi's POV

When we finished dancing, her face was more flustered than we were. I have to admit, we did go harder than we usually do for practice. About as much as we do during a concert. It was worth it, though. "Sorry, I was speechless for a moment," she laughs, "You did amazing."

They smile while going to the fridge to get water bottles. When they do that, I take the chance to sit next to her, before the others hog her. It is still weird to show open affection, since I would never hear about it from the members and someone would end up dead. She doesn't seem shocked when I'm the first to go and sit with her, though. Instead, she smiles at me, sitting cross-legged while waiting for the other members to get their drinks.

"Alexis, my back hurts. Can you hug it?" Jin goes up to Alexis. Here we go.

"That's not how it works." Namjoon corrects.

"Yeah, it supposed to be a kiss, not a hug." Jimin comments.

"Great idea Jimin. Can you kiss it?" He point to his lower shoulder blade.

"Wait what?"

"Does your neck hurt too, cause I can hug it suuuper tight for you." Jungkook threatens. I might go join him.

"If your back really hurts, I can go get an ice pack from the staff." Alexis offers. I know she realizes that Jin is joking. "Or are you getting too old?" She teases.

I stare at her in shock. This is the first time she has ever joked with us. We have had plenty of light-hearted conversations, but she had never teased us back before. It seems like she's getting more comfortable around us.

Jin has the same expression on his face, "Old? Who are you calling old, I'm only in my mid twenties. You're not that far from it yourself. At least I still have this face, no matter how old I am. Easily the best looking one here." Jin goes on one of his rants.

She pushes him playfully, "Sit down, World Wide Handsome." Jin looks confused at her name for him. "Your sitting in a room with some of the most handsome men in the world. If you're the best looking, that would make you world wide handsome, World Wide Handsome." She says it in English.

Without really meaning to, she just complimented seven men at once. I look at Jimin. He looks extremely happy at her statement.

Good, he needs a major confidence boost. I won't tell Alexis why just yet. I'll let her heal Jimin first, then he'll tell her himself.

"But seriously, if you need one, I can go. I met some of the staff, other than Hoon and Sejin of course. They were really nice." She explains.

"What did you go there for, did you need something?" I ask.

Her eyes widen, as if she just remembered something, "Oh yeah, how could I forget? I'll be right back." She quickly leaves the room.

I look at Jin, whose ears are completely red. On screen, he has confidence and flirts a lot, but he actually gets very shy when he receives compliments. "Are you okay there Jin?" Taehyung laughs. Jin nods silently. I swear, only Alexis can make him stop talking when he goes on one of his age rants.

"Guys, I don't know if I should mention this or not, but I feel really strongly for her. I think I love her, but this is just the bond, right? It wasn't like this after we first met her, I think it is getting stronger." Jimin says.

Before anyone can reply, Hoseok answers. "Not at all. There was a physical attraction when I first saw her, because of the bond of course. But I don't think it's the bond anymore. It's her."

He's right. Every time she laughs or smiles, my heart soars. Even when we make eye contact. The bond is most likely what made us miss her that first night; the pull that is. But it is only physical. The bond can force us to be attracted to her physically, but not emotionally. I had read about bonds that night. They are only an activator, telling us who we'd be most happy with. It doesn't change our mentality.

"I don't want to lose her." Jungkook says all of a sudden. He was silently listening in, but now his thoughts are coming out. "I really really don't want to lose her. It's not the bond, I know it."

"If it's this strong already, just think how whipped we'll be later." Taehyung chuckles.

The "it" all of us are talking about, but are too afraid to say, is love. It has only been three days, so it would be stupid to claim to be in love with her already when we've barely just met her. That's why none of us would say it out loud yet, but that's exactly what "it" is. We're in love already. Damn, it makes me cringe just thinking about it, as if I am some desperate lovesick fool.

Just then, the lights turn off. Seriously, a power outage? The weather outside was perfect earlier. The door opens and two figures come in. One of them holds a candle? No, I realize what it is just as she begins to sing, "Happy Birthday to you~~"

The other members pause a few seconds before joining in, so I know they were just as clueless as I was. When they do, though they add their usual craziness to it. Taehyung and Jimin sing it in a playful low voice, while Jungkook adds a vibrato. Jin sings it partly in English, and Namjoon keeps his voice low. The new strong voice that comes out, draws me to the perpetrator. Her singing is average, but I love it all the same. Her deep blue eyes shine against the candle light, and her silhouetted face looks at me happily.

When they finish, the lights turn back on. I look over to the door and see our manager. He must've been the one who came in with her earlier. I look back to my beautiful soulmate. In her hands, is a white frosted cake. In blue and black lettering, is a birthday greeting in cursive English. "I did the top icing myself, just in case. So you don't have to worry." She adds. I wouldn't worry about something like that, but it means more to me that she did the cursive herself. It looks better than a professional's.

I had never expected this. I didn't forget that it was my birthday, but I just thought the members' and staff's, "Happy Birthday," this morning would be it. A few texts from my family, birthday wishes from ARMY on social media. All of that makes me happy by itself, I don't like to put too much attention into it. I know she was an ARMY, but it still wasn't expected.

"I know it's not much. I would've planned it with the other members, but I guess you know why. But I asked Sejin to join for a few minutes. I know he means a lot to you." She has no idea how perfect she is. "Go ahead and make a wish." She motions.

I blow out the candle. I want to feel like this for the rest of my life.

Yep, I'm definitely whipped.


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