Chapter 20 - A Year Closing

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It was not uncommon for Micheal's neighbors to see an extra car in their driveway. Over the past year, it has almost become commonplace. It was no secret around town how close Micheal Roberts and Lily Fields were. The Roberts parents went even as far as to insinuate that there may be more than friendship between the two high school juniors, soon to be seniors. No matter how many times Micheal denied them, it didn't stop family friends from making jokes to the teenager ever so often. While the high school gossip centered around the possibility of a Lily and Emmett romance, the adults in the Kalaloch Place neighborhood couldn't get enough of Lily and Micheal.

All of this is to say that Lily's car in the Roberts driveway was not an odd occurrence even if the Robert's children had left last night to go on their trip to San Francisco. As far as they were concerned, they were glad that Micheal may have finally gotten together with the girl. Why else would she have gone with him, his brother, and the older brother's girlfriend? What was particular was the appearance of two of the other children at the Roberts' front door. After a brief interaction, the short spiky hair girl and the tall muscled man get back in the car and drive off. No one gave it a second thought.


The rest of the family, except for Edward who went to visit Bella, were gathered waiting to hear any news regarding their youngest coven member. While Carlisle was confident in his decision to let Lily leave last night, he hadn't anticipated the girl to not contact them at all the next morning. After Esme and Rosalie returned a few hours into the night, the house fell into a quiet stillness. They made a conscious effort to not bring anything up in case of setting off the balance they created. 

They quietly watched the sunrise as the world around them came to life. Carlisle waited a few more hours until calling out of work for the day. He rarely called out, but his family continued to be his priority and he was needed here. As the morning passed to early afternoon, the pacing began. More and more of the coven members tried to occupy their time. Edward, tired of racing thoughts inside the house, offered to go hunting with Jasper. Emmett, when offered, declined. It wasn't long after they left that Emmett volunteered to track down her car. Without asking, Alice followed him out to his car and the two were off.

"I should've been able to see something like this."

"Alice, you can't see everything. And those two girls have a mind of their own."

"What if Rosalie was right? What if she really is hurt?"

"She's not. Our Lil is a tough girl. She would've called if she was in serious danger."

Alice nodded and the car fell back into silence. There were only a few places Lilianna would have gone. They drove past Becca's and Amber's houses before making their way north to Micheal's house. The two relaxed slightly when they saw the car in the driveway. Alice jumped out of the car and walked to the door without thinking. She didn't notice until she knocks on the door that Emmett is right beside her. While Lily's scent could often be lost in the surrounding environment, neither of the vampires had picked up on it.

A middle-aged woman approached the door. Alice spoke before Emmett could, seeing as she had a better time reading people. "Hi, are you Mrs. Roberts?"

"Yes. And who might you be."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Alice Cullen and this is my brother Emmett. We were hoping to see Lily."

"You're Lily's siblings! It's so great to meet you two. We are always telling Lily to invite you over for dinner or church."

"Trust me, you may not want us around. Our house is a bit of a madhouse."

"Now I don't doubt that. Lily is always so thankful when she comes over. I've met Carlisle at the hospital before and I met your mom, Esme, at the grocery store once. She seems nice although I doubt that food could feed all of you guys. It must be hard with her husband's long hours. You know you are welcome to come over anytime Lily comes." Alice shot Emmett a glare as he started to stiffen at Mrs. Roberts's comments. None of them took kindly to anyone talking poorly of the matriarch. Alice, however, had to admit that Lily spending so much of her time outside of the house had led to this woman's assumptions. She made a note to talk to the girl about it.

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