Chapter 19

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Hi guys, another chapter for you ❤️

~Xavior's POV

"FUCK!!" I scream as I come to the stop street. That bitch, Amber, had some nerve. How dare she spoil the one thing that's going good in my life. "FUCK!" I hit the steering wheel angrily.

I pull my phone out of my pocket and dial Kyle's number. On the third ring, he picks up. "Hey bro whats up?" he asks exhausted. "I need you to get Amber's father, Richard, and bring him to my house. I'm gonna need a word with him"

"As you wish boss, is there a certain reason why you need to speak with him?" Kyle ask genuinely curious. "Well that dog, Amber, ruined a fucking good night. And I'm gonna loose my shit if I don't have my hands around her neck." I shout angrily as I approach the house.

"Whoa whoa dude, you need to calm down. If Amber's blood is on your hands, it will cause alot of problems in business and your relationship." Kyle tells me, I get what he says so I take steady breathes to calm myself down.

I approach the main gate while Kyle speaks over the phone." Xavior, word is that Richard isn't at home, and by the looks of it, hasn't been home in quite some time. " Kyle says over the phone.

There must be men by his house by now. I crease my brows in confusion. "That's weird. Why would he want to dissappear? Any way, I'll speak to you when I have more information on that boy that broke in." I end the call and make my way into the house.

I head straight to the basement, where I keep my prisoners. I greet the guards and head towards the cell that holds the intruder.

He seems to be sleeping, I walk into the cell and creep up on him. I shake him violently and he screams in fear.

I grab a chair and place it in front of him. He looks around the room and sits up straight. He looks weak, since he hasn't slept good and we haven't given him something to eat "Are you ready to talk yet?" I ask him patiently.

He weakly lifts his head and looks up at me with pain in his eyes. "Look sir, I didn't even want to be in this situation, but he said if I talk, my family dies. Sir I only have my baby sister and my parents, that's all I have that I can call family." He chokes on his words and sobs quietly.

He could be lying to you, he just wants to escape." Now why would I want to believe a man who almost killed my girl and knocked out one of my guards?"

"The only option you have is to tell me the truth then I give you my word, I will look into your situation and help this so called family that is in trouble."

"But If you lie, I'll kill you and your family will never hear from you again. Do I make myself clear? "

He doesn't answer, but instead looks down. I have to admit, I respect his loyalty, but it's starting to work on my nerves. I whistle loud enough to call one of my guards.

When he reaches me I speak to him in Italian." portami una bottiglia d'acqua, un bicchierino e un po 'di corda." ( bring me a bottle of water, a shot glass and some rope.)

The guard nods his head and gets me the supplies. Two minutes later he arrives with all my goods. " I want you to tie up our guest please. " the guard does what he is told and the intruder does not fight back because he is too weak.

I take the shot glass and the bottled water from the guard and face the man whose hands are tied up to the wall. "Let's play a game. For every piece of information you share with me, I give you a shot of water. You look a bit dehydrated."

He let's out a defeated sigh and nods. I smirk knowing I got him to finally talk. "Okay, let's start of easy, what is your name?" he hesitates, but speaks after a few seconds. " I'm Daniel".

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