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My eyes flutter open to darkness. It's colder than it should be, though it seems to be the only thing that is keeping me lucid. I must have been drugged as my mind is way too cloudy to just be from a concussion.

"Hello?" I call out to the nothingness.

My throat stings painfully at the attempt to speak. I must have been out a long time because it's dry and scratchy as if I have just woken up from a long nap. I definitely do not feel rested though.

There are no answers to my call, but I really didn't expect there to be one. Based on the echoes that followed and the bumpiness of the wall behind me, I can only assume that I am in a cave.

Alaric must have left me in the caves that run underneath Mystic Falls. It is ironic considering this was something we bonded over before he was the crazy psycho killer.

"Alaric?" I yell during my attempt to stand. "Hello?"

It is a bit difficult to keep my balance, especially without any light down here. I don't have much confidence in doing so, but I call on my magic anyway to provide a bit of strength to my vision. I'm surprised when it improves slightly, but it's definitely not going to be enough if I'm stuck down here for too long.

I'm all alone for the time being. Besides the impending light issues, I'm not entirely freaked out about being down here. I've lived in worse settings, but I'm not exactly sure how long I can go without sunlight.

Alaric may return, that is always a possibility. It will be easier to escape without any complications on his part, especially now that I am on a clock. If I do get out before then, then maybe I can actually be of some help to people... To Klaus.

I shiver at the thought of not being with him right now. He's made enemies by taking Elena yet again and I can only imagine what will happen to him if he doesn't peacefully hand her over. It's not that I don't have faith in his strength, but the Salvatore's are clever, and they will to do anything to protect Elena.

Even if that means losing me, as Damon has proved today by allowing Alaric to take me.

I keep walking in no particular direction. Stumbling is probably the better word for it, but at least I'm probably getting closer to an exit. I know that this is all just a distraction to keep me from protecting Klaus, but I refuse to give up on trying to help him.

What does it really mean to 'take care of the problem'? Knowing my Adalynn, she will not participate in whatever plan they have going if she doesn't hear from me, so I'm not too worried. By now, she's probably already started looking for me.

My vision reverts to normal as my heart skips a beat. I must be getting close to a way out if the witches are no longer going to help me. Feeling along the rocky walls in utter darkness, I do my best to remain calm. At this point though, determination has met desperation.

"Hello?!" I try calling again as I continue feeling my way around. "Is anyone there who can help me?"

I turn the corner and, in the distance, a ray of light shines down from a gaping hole in the ceiling. I release a huge sigh of relief as I stumble towards it, but the closer I get, the more obvious it becomes that I'm too short to get all the way up there.

"You've got to be kidding me," I grumble.

With silent magic and nothing to stand on, I'm still trapped. Even if I could find something to get me closer, there's no promising that I won't topple over in this foggy state. The last thing I need right now is to be further injured; I wonder if my magic would even heal me.

"Alaric!" I scream up to the woods above me, but he's long gone.

Ironically enough, I recognize where I am, but I've never been on the underside of this clearing before. Elijah brought Elena and I here when he and Rebekah were holding her hostage so that the Salvatore brothers would help stop Esther. This hole in the ground that is exposing the caves I'm currently stuck in was originally created by Elijah himself that day. It's annoying that it is now being used to hold me.

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