strongest together

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"We were together and so I forget the rest."

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The day was cold.

Ice lingered at her fingertips freezing them blue, but the girl couldn't spare a moment of worry.

The grounds were covered in a thick coat of snow; white droplets falling just like the clear tears fell from her eyes. Staining rosy cheeks.

Dull, blue eyes stared, lifelessly.

Held in a single, delicate hand was a black umbrella. It matched the rest of her attire; black uniform, black tights and black shoes.

Black, black, black...

Mourning clothes.

In a single file, with rigid steps and draught expressions, each of the Hargreeves children entered the courtyard to stand around a single, white coffin.

Whilst beautiful in its design – simplicity made intricate; with delicate furnishings and subtle gold trim – she believed that it was the most ghastly of things her eyes had ever laid upon. She couldn't believe, refused to believe, that the boy she loved lay in that very same coffin, all alone.

Was his body as cold as hers right now? She was sure her heart lay as still as his; her ears unable to hear the rhythmic beating that should signal to the world she was still alive.

After all, hadn't she died along with him?

Was it really only a month ago, that the two of them had escaped the oppressive prison of their home to share a night of intimacy and love between them? To have connected on such a deeper level that she now felt – truly believed – that their souls had connected and she, too, lay dead with him in that cold, stone coffin.

From one prison to another. She could barely think of such a horrid punishment for somebody so bright. Somebody that deserved everything; deserved life.

In her darkest moments, she wished to walk over and open the lid. To let her umbrella drop to the snow-white ground and climb into the coffin; to lay herself to rest, where she felt she should be.

Because at this moment in time, Thea Hargreeves felt not alive; but dead.

Dead like the number lost in their group; the forever skip between Klaus and Vanya – zero, one, two, three,

Two children down, six to go. How long till they, too, disappeared? 

Thea felt like she was already bleeding away; her form melting into the frozen ice beneath her until she became nothing but a wisp upon the wind; so pale and frozen that she could just crumble into shaves of ice.

Dead like the boy she loved. The boy that held her heart and so, now, had taken it to the grave with him. Taken it beyond her reach; beyond their world. Gone.

She had no words. No speech of grief or loss. Their Father's words blew away in the wind before she could hear anything of them; she let them. The last thing she wanted right now was the words or prayers of somebody who did not care.

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