Chapter Two

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__In Wang Mansion__

It's early in the morning, everyone is woke up

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It's early in the morning, everyone is woke up. Mrs. Wang and Zhu Zanjin is in kitchen preparing food for everyone. Haikuan and Mr. Wang is discussing some business matters. On the other hand, Jackson and Hao Xuan is teasing each other and jumping all over the house like lunatic.

"Guys, stop teasing each other and come here help us." Zhu Zanjin shouted but with affection.

Their relationship is like own brothers. Zhu Zanjin love all of his family members with whole heart. Everyone also love him very much. It's been two years Zhu Zanjin and Haikuan is married but, in this family Zhu Zanjin never felt alone. His husband love him most. When he feel board, Ho Xuan and Jackson is there. When he want to go for shopping his mother-in- law is there. Also he got father. Everyone in Wang family live with love and affection. If one get hurt the other members also get hurt.

"Yes. Gege." Hao Xuan and Jackson said smiling while saluting like an army and went to the kitchen for helping their mother a and brother-in-law.

"You can handle this two luantic perfectly." Mrs. Wang said with a bright smile.

Zhu Zanjin smile her back.

"Mom, babe. Trust me I'm hungry." Haikuan said loudly.

"You won't able to eat food until, Yibo comes. Go and check him." Zhu Zanjin replied from the kitchen.

"I'm here gege." Yibo said coming down from his room.

"Good morning, professor." Jackson said teasing Yibo.

"Morning, lunatic." Yibo replied.

"Shut up and sit down. I will serve today." Jackson said smiling.

Yibo didn't say anything and sat down on the chair. Mr. Wang and Haikuan also came and sat on the chair.

"So, how is your uni going?" Asked Mr. Wang to Yibo.

"It's fine dad." Yibo replied.

"Just fine? Don't you have any girlfriend?" Mr. Wang asked looking straight to Yibo.

"Dad, you know me well. I don't have girlfriend. I don't have time for all of this nonsense. I'm focused on my career. And, I don't want to be in all this kinda Shitty staff." Yibo said clearly.

From childhood til now, Yibo has only one priority, which is his career. He wants to build a university of his own. Before that, he want to do P.H.D in mathematics. So, he is focused in his career. When he was in college many girls and boys tried to hit Yibo but, he rejected everyone. He did dame thing when he is in university. Also now, he is a professor of Mathematics. His students as well as his colleagues are keep trying to hit on him but, he ignoring all.

"Sush!! Don't talk too much in breakfast table." Mrs. Wang intrupped.

"But, your boy don't want to get marry." Said Mr. Wang.

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