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" Try this one ! " Cami squealed

" Uh-huh! Let me check ! " I moved to her side to analise a hot red dress dancing in her hands catching my attention.

" It's too bright ! " I croaked out , exactly, it's impossible to convince' the supermodel Camilla Quinn ' that she also can be wrong sometimes while shopping.

" We are buying it and you gonna wear this on sunday at that romantic  dinner with your handsome hunk of husband " she ordered.

" No! Am not wearing that!!....it's too short ,or what if he thinks something wrong !...like I m giving him a hint or something!!" I protested , seriously thinking it's wrong to wear such a short dress for a simple dinner ,that he asked me for....why is everyone making a huge deal out of it.

It's just a simple dinner , it's not gonna be that romantic gushy mushy candle light stuff....it's just a simple dinner with my husband on a weekend which we are supposed to have very peacefully which I might add we never had done before 4months of marriage.

" He is your husband for Pete sake !! ..... It's normal in couple and you won't be hinting him anything , everything is already supposed to happen ....it's your four months marriage anniversary !! " Aiden pipes in from behind
" If you both are done ! Can we just go out already !! " He adds obviously annoyed.

" No, Not yet! We still have to buy her pairing  footwears, and what about the accessories ! " Cami denied and moved to the next store which apparently happens to ba footwears one !

"Helloo!! Did you not hear me ??... I thought we are hear to buy me a nice dress for a nice dinner with my husband , not for a night out in a club !! ....and somewhere in my mind I thought my choice matters , because apparently I am the suppose to wear that red piece of cloth! " I let it all out on them .
I thought they both will be serious after my encounter but that seems unlikely cause Aiden just got himself busy in his phone again ! While cami blow air on her nails giving me a bored look.

" Oh come on ! We both know , what all is supposed to happen ! Dinner is just an excuse ! " Cami has the audacity to say that .

I grind teeth together in frustration , maybe it was a bad idea to ask cami to help me shopping.

" Cami ...I don't care what shit is going on in your mind but I sure as hell not wearing that slutty dress to go out with Sam ! "

" Okay ! Problem solved ....you can wear this inside your home ! " Aiden butted in.

My eyes goes wide , how the hell can he say that!
He accompanied me to check texture of latest shipment of shiffon and satin for some new designs.
And on our way back I decided to go for shopping and he has to unfortunately accompany me .

" I am not wearing that neither  inside nor outside my home !! Is that clear ?! " This time I yelled.

" You are such a bore !! " Cami mutters

" Whatever ! " I encountered.

We moved to the next aisle for good dress .

" Baby, how's this ?! "
My ears stands up on that voice which I can recognise anywhere .
I groaned internally for this encounter.

" Perfect baby ! Everything suits you , you're just so good for everything !! " that answer makes me laugh internally.

And yes ! My day is ruined officially !!

" What that bitch doing here ??" Cames from cami.

" Well, I think she is here for a football match ! " I mocked, offcourse she is here for shopping.

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