You want to what ?

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Raynas POV


      " I was actually wondering if you could train me ." I asked looking at her expectantly .

She looked at me shocked 

despite how low I said it the two behind me stopped their fighting to come towards us. 

"What'd you say ?" Alois asked looking at me dumbfounded.

Ignoring him temporarily 

I looked towards Layla who had A wide smile on her face. 

"Sure I'd love to-"

"Absolutely not ." Alois quickly cut her off making me turn to face him. 

Now face to chest I looked at him glaring . 

"Why not ?" I challenged staring him down . 

Id understand if I asked A stranger , or even one of the other Officers. 

But it's his sister for crying out loud. 

"Why would you need to ? You have me , and the whole pack who would be more than willing to risk their lives for yo-."

Damn it .

"Thats exactly why Alois, Im not some porcelain doll that needs to be protected 24/7 or it might break. I dont want peoples lives to be in jeopardy , I want to be able to lead this pack ALONGSIDE you , I want to be able to protect everyone and I can't do that as I am now !" 

I didn't mean to yell at him, but it had been sitting on my chest for A while. 

Everyone's treating me like their Luna but I'm not even acting like it. I meant what I said , I want to become A luna worthy of their loyalty, one this pack can be proud of . 

As if my words struck him his face turned into one of contemplation , his eyes reflecting A inner turmoil as he fought with himself to decide if he should try to argue it down or let me do as I wish. 

Jax sensing the tension smacked him on his back laughing. 

"What are you so afraid of man ? Worried she'll be able to take you down in bed or something ?"

I could feel my face run warm as Al turned to Jax who had already gotten A head start running away . 

He turned to his sister who was on the floor from uncontrollable laughter and scowled at her before mumbling an 'Ill kill you both ' 

I assumed he was talking about Layla and Jax .

He turned to me tucking A piece on my hair behind my ear before kissing my forehead . 

"Whatever you want my love, just please be careful." He said softly before chasing after Jax who was halfway to the forest.

I thank the Gods that I was born with brown skin because If I wasn't blushing before I definitely was now .

I gently touched the spot on my forehead where his lips had been before turning to Layla who had A cheeky grin on her face. 

Uh oh , Had I made A mistake ?

"I don't like the looks of this already " Chí said as Scarlett agreed 

She can't be that bad right ? 


Fuck this shit 

I flopped onto the grass with both arms spread out , I struggled to catch my breath for what had to be the 37th time today. My heart was pounding in my ears. I groaned loudly earning A soft chuckle from Layla. 

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