Chapter 2

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I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock going off then hop out of bed. Today's gonna be a good day! Fresh start, new house, new school, and hopefully new friends. I start getting ready by using the bathroom and putting on some clean clothes. I decided with a green sweater and black jeans.

Something like this:

I start walking downstairs but tripped on a couple of boxes I yelped "Hey what are these?!"

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I start walking downstairs but tripped on a couple of boxes I yelped "Hey what are these?!"

I looked in the boxes and slowly took out all the pictures of our friends I looked at them. There's one of Elena and Jeremy, one of Bonnie, Tyler, and Matt, one of Caroline and her mom, and one of me, Stefan, and Damon.

I took a deep sigh and stand back up, walking into the kitchen I smell eggs and pancakes. "Those look great!" I complimented while staring them down

"I know there your favorite" Stefan said with a big smile.

We both scarfed down the food, we walked out and I jumped into the passenger side of the car.

We reached the school with twenty minutes left to spare. I can feel glares from everyone that sees us, I don't blame them we are new and basically fresh meat. Stefan looks at me and smiles, we start walking into the school.

We grab our schedules, great I only have Chemistry with Stefan.

I see a man walk up to us he's probably a teacher. "Hey! I'm Coach, you have economics with me as your third class" he then looks at Stefan pats him on the back and says "son have you ever thought about playing lacrosse?"

I rolled my eyes right when Stefan turns around and gives me a please save me look, I nodded my head no and grinned.

The whole day sucked I had to stand up in class and say my name and that I came from Virginia, lunch wasn't bad but me and Stefan decided to pack it from now on. Not only that but a group of kids kept looking at me and its all the same people.

I was in the last class of the day luckily Mr. Harris just shook my hand and said sit anywhere, so I sat next to Stefan.

"It smells like dog" Stefan whined "I smelt it when we got out of the car."

To be honest my sense of smell isn't as good as Stefan's because I don't have to hunt like he does. "Maybe they have pets?"

He started writing on a piece of paper and slid it over to me, I started to read it- I think there's wolves here- I quickly sat up straight and crumbled the paper.

I slowly looked around trying to see who it could be before my eyes caught a strangers eye, I shot my eyes down real fast. The rest of class I just looked down not making eye contact with anyone, I could hear my heartbeat, my heartbeats always been uneven unless I sleep, its great because it let's me keep my secrets.

When class was over Stefan grabbed my wrist and we ran out.

I basically yelled at Stefan "Oh my gosh! How many were there?!"

He looked around to see if we were safe and looks back at me "I'm pretty sure there are four but there could be more."

We rushed to the car and he pulled out of the parking lot.

"Ughhh what are we going to do?" I rolled down the window to see if I can smell them.

"I'm not sure but they're not like Tyler. Remember when I told you there are different kind of Werewolves?" I nodded "Well they definitely are different. We are still going to school, I-"

I cut him off "Are you crazy?! What if they bite us? What if the expose us? What if they hurt us?"

He shook his head "I could tell they didn't know what we are, they just stared at us."

We got home and I went right to bed not wanting to deal with Stefan and how we should act like nothing happened, but also because I was exhausted.

-Scotts POV-

I ran out just seeing the Salvatore's run to their car. I decided to round up Stiles, Lydia, Allison, and Issac.

We all went to the empty lacrosse field, Lydia was the first to start talking "There was something off with them, but I don't think they mean any harm."

"Should we interigate them?" Issac asked.

"No we can't risk exposing you guys" we all agreed with Allison's words.

Just then the twins walked up Aiden had a smirk on his face "Did you see Leonora? She's hot."

"Forget Leonora, did you see Stefan?" Ethan argued.

We all rolled our eyes at the twins remarks. "I think I'm going to ask Derrek maybe he knows something."

Everyone nodded and we all walked off the field.

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