Chapter Four

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Tasha's Pov
"Tasha, Tasha!" I spun my head around for a minute, after traveling down the path away from the main house.  Sometimes getting away from the madness isn't all that bad. Especially with the full house now In swing for the wedding. I cracked a grin seeing Killua running towards me fast.

"Hey kid what's up?" I greeted him ruffling up his hair making him whine before he was walking with me.

"How is everything going? I've been curious, how did you open the seven gates when you arrived?!" I chuckled quietly the both of us walking down the path of the mountain, side to side.

"Well it's been going kinda crazy, the preparations for the wedding are crazy, and Illumi has been getting mad cause he says all the dresses your mom has picked out are ugly, I'm thinking about making him one at this point and he's tried to kill."

I slowly paused to count on my fingers. "Three of the designers." I laughed quietly hearing Killua chuckle softly placing his hands behind his head.

"You can make clothes?" He asked interested shutting his eyes while he walked. I nodded my head a couple times.

"Oh yeah it's part of being in my clan, you learn that first, how to travel all that stuff." I chuckled a little before I dropped down for Killua to get in my back to give him a piggy back ride. 

"Oh and the gate thing? I can just show you that." We suddenly perked up when my phone started ringing loudly from my pocket, still balancing Killua. I grab my phone from my pants pocket answering.

"Hello. " I answered curious like hearing a lot of loud noises in the background.

"Hey Tasha... Listen I'm doing a mission of some sorts. I won't be back till next month maybe early, can you do me a favor mommy?" I wasn't sure why but the way he just casually called me mommy left shivers down my body.

"He is such a sub." Killua snickered loudly but I then just chuckled.

"Sure baby, what is it?" I asked hearing a lot of shuffling around from his phone.

"Can mommy get me some lollipops? I like sucking on things." I bit my lip deeply but I spoke.

"Yeah I can actually, me and Killua are heading to the gate right now." I heard Illumi pause quite quickly before he was shouting so loudly.

"Kill! You better not disrespect my mommy, or be bad, I will kick you out of the house!" I winced pulling my phone back watching Killua quickly snatch my phone.

"I'm bonding with my sister in law! Geez why are you so protective over her? I'm literally twelve, it's not like I can steal her. You should be worried about Hisoka." Killua exclaimed on my phone.

"Yeah you are right... I'm just saying protect her be careful, Mike should have her scent, bye mommy!" I chuckled softly when Killua handed me my phone back when it hung up.

"Yeah he's a little strange." I chuckled stuffing my phone back on my pocket going back to carrying Killua who was clinging to me.

"I totally hate to say it, but Tasha, you are the best thing to happen to Illumi." I fluttered my eyes a few times.

"Really?" I tilted my head a little at him seeing him grinning.

"In case you haven't noticed, Illumi is a bit on the strange side, he's a little creepy not good with emotions, kinda innocent, and usually he could care less about people thinking he is strange, he could kill them. But out of the dozen of women he could of choose you to trust and show his secret side! Now I might not know that much about mommy doms and sub dynamics but I think you do, so Tasha welcome to the family." Killua was laughing happily nuzzling my neck a bit.

I laughed quietly before I shifted Killua around so I could hold him laughing gently.

"Well thank you Killua, I promise to take care of Illumi. He is in good hands with me, I swear." I beamed at Killua who was giggling holding him closer to me.

"Alright! Now let's go shopping and get those lollipops." I laughed quietly and set Killua down slowly.

"I actually need to get materials for the dress, and I need some books and stuff maybe a laptop, cause I'm not going out again, this trip down the mountain is long." I grumbled making Killua laughed out so loud.

"Yeah I agree." He chuckled, by the time we made it to the main gate.

"You ready?" He asked me interested. I gave him a deep head nod rolling the sleeves of to my shirt slowly pressing one hand on the gate, Killua doing the same, and with a few simple pushes.

We had the gates opened Killua had stared at me with wide eyes, his mouth open the both of us walking straight through. I pulled my sleeves down, my bracelets jiggling a little.

"Holy shit! You are so badass!"


"Oh oops, I mean kick ass!"

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