Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Beginnings




Words that were all too familiar to the young blond haired boy. He lay on the ground, curled up in a ball. His arms were over his head to protect him from the kicks and fists that hit him. But his arms and young body was not enough to protect him from the broken bottles and kunai's that pierced his skin. Tears stung his eyes, he cried out in pain, begging and pleading for the villagers to cease their beatings.



The names kept coming. The blonde still not knowing what the villagers meant, let them call him that. He let them beat him, stab him, abuse him. It was nothing new to him, but it hurt him so much. His cries quietened as he let them continue their torture of the little boy.

It seemed like forever. The pain was almost never ending. It was the worst feeling. The blonde even questioned his own existence, questioning and asking the world what he ever did to deserve such pain. He was only a four year old boy, and yet, he received nothing but pain and despair. Something he will never forget.

Please stop!! I don't want this anymore!! Naruto cried in his mind. He opened his eyes and saw a small opening between two drunk villagers. Without even thinking twice, he unfolded his arms and crawled through the space hastily. The villagers roared at his sudden escape.

"Get him!! Don't let the demon escape!" A villager yelled and ran after the blonde, with the other villagers following him.

"Please! Leave me alone!!" Naruto pleaded, passing through bystanders who merely laughed or looked at him with disgust. He knew all too well what they were thinking. That he was getting what he deserved. Naruto screwed his eyes shut, clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

He ran and ran, ran as far his little skinny legs could carry him. He didn't care where he was going, as long as he was far from the pain, far from the villagers, far from his so called family, far from the hellhole.

"Daddy! Mommy! Can we get ramen?"

Naruto's eyes shot open and he tripped over a rock. He yelped and face planted on the ground, his face stinging. Slowly, he raised his head and saw, in the distance, his so called family. A family that never even treated him like a family member. A family that neglected him.

He opened his mouth and cried out to them; "HELP ME!!! PLEASE!!!"

It took all his strength and even though he already knew the outcome, he still tried. He wanted to, just for the false hope to be real hope. But as always, false hope will be false hope. The Fourth Hokage spotted the small boy on the ground, beaten and bruised. He did not answer., instead he shook his head in dismay.

"Come kids, let's go get Ramen and stay away from that monster and liar. He is a bad influence on you." He ordered.

"Yes, I suggest you do what your father says." A red haired woman said. "Now come, let's go get some Ramen."

"Yes!!" The two young kids exclaimed with bright smiles on their faces. The two young kids took one final glance at Naruto and gave him a smug look, they turned back around and followed their parents to the Ramen shop.

The man Naruto was supposed to call father, did nothing but turn a blind eye and insult him. The woman he was supposed to call mother, abused and yelled at him. The two young kids he was supposed to call siblings, spouted lies and stole everything from him. It was a family that never loved him. A family he grew up hating.

"There he is!" Naruto heard in the distance.

His eyes widened in terror and immediately, he forced himself up. Once again he was up and running for his life. His lungs screamed and his legs ached, but he kept running. Eventually, when he came to an immediate stop, he did not know where he was. He was in a place unfamiliar to him.

Left and right; there were nothing but trees. Above was nothing but a dark sky. There was a sudden howl making the blonde jump. "Damn, we lost sight of the demon." A villager grumbled.

"No matter, he is well outside the village. There is no way he will survive out here. This place is filled with wild animals that will feed on his very flesh." Another said. "Let's go home and celebrate the death of the demon."

Another villager laughed, "yes. The drinks on me boys!" He yelled and Naruto heard a chorus of cheers. Naruto stood in place and before he knew it, his legs gave in and he collapsed. The blood from his wounds began to ooze out. His head began to ache and his body went numb.

Is this the end? He asked himself. Will.. I die here...?

Tears slid down his face and quiet sobs echoed in the dark silent forest. "I... don't... want to... d-die... here..." The blonde sobbed and his vision slowly began to fade. "P-Please... s-s-someone... anyone... s-save me..."

I don't want to die!! Not yet! Not until I make every one of them pay for what they've done to me! I can't... die... not.. yet... please... someone... anyone... save me... Naruto tried to raise his hand, reaching to the nothingness before him. "Please..." he cried, dropping his hand.

I am sorry... kit.

It was a voice, a deep, gruff voice. A voice he heard as his vision began to get darker and darker. He couldn't ask who had said such words. But just before his consciousness gave out, the blonde saw someone approach him. He couldn't make it out, but it was someone wearing a dark cloak with red spots. At leas that is what he saw before he passed out.

"Poor boy..." A man said, looking at the beaten and battered boy who lay in a pool of blood before him. "Beaten... I wonder wat had lead to such a thing?"

His purple eyes looked at the many wounds on Naruto's body. The boy reminded him of his own childhood, how he lived in terror and watched his parents sacrifice themselves for him to keep living. He knelt down and picked him up, carefully. His grip was gentle yet secure. "No matter..." He muttered and turned around.

"I am sure you will be of use to me and I will make sure that you get strong, strong enough to defeat the people who had done this to you." The man said as he slowly disappeared into the bushes.

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