Chapter Three

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__In Xiao Mansion__

"Gege!! Are you awake? Gege!!!" Jiyang screaming standing infront of Zhan's door.

"I don't think he woke up." Mr. Xiao said with a faint smile.

"Gegeee!!! Wake up!!!" Jiyang screamed and knocked on Zhan's door.

After few seconds, Zhan opened the door rubbing his sleepy eyes.

"Good morning dad." Zhan greet.

"Good morning son." Mr. Xiao replied with a smile.

"Gege, go and fresh yourself." Jiyang said.

"Wahh??! Why this morning. I want to sleep more nh." Zhan said with sleepy eyes.

"You didn't eat anything in night ge. You need to eat nh?" Jiyang said curling his eyebrows.

"I will but I'm sleepy now." Said Zhan and was about to close his door when, Jiyang stopped Zhan by,

"Ohh!! Okay, me and dad also didn't eat anything from night. I'm very hungry ge. Please let's go have breakfast please."

"What? Are you guys insane or what? Why you guys didn't have your foods. Wanna be sick or what. Oh My God!! Dad, you have medicine at night. You also didn't had it right? What should I do with you too ha?? What's your problems?" Zhan shouted in anger.

"You also didn't eat nh." JiYang said pouting.

"So what? Tell so what? I didn't eat so what? I'm older then you. So, If I didn't eat that doesn't mean I'm going to die. Why you didn't eat? Food is necessary don't you know?" Zhan shouted again

"Then, I'm also older then you. If I didn't had dinner. I also won't die." Mr. Xiao said calmly.

"What? What did you say? I didn't heard properly?" Zhan asked raising his eyebrows.

"Nothing, my dad. Now, Please let's go for breakfast." Mr. Xiao said dramatically.

"Hm, coming. I need a shower." Said Zhan

"Okay ge. We are waiting. Come soon." Said Jiyang with a smile and went downstairs.

"Zhan." Mr. Xiao Called

"Last night."

"Dad, please. Let's not talk about that. You know I can handle myself. Please dad. Go to breakfast table. I'm coming in a while." Said Zhan.

Mr. Xiao didn't say anything. Because he know, if he said no. That means no one can force him. Zhan don't share his feelings with others. Mr. Xiao know about this. After all, he is the one who, raised Zhan.

Zhan closed his door after, Mr. Xiao went downstairs.

"Again a morning." Zhan signed walk to his cupboard and took out his comfy clothes then went to bathroom.

After taking a bath shortly, he came out from the bathroom. Brushed his hair and went downstairs for breakfast.

"Gege, I wanna talk about something." Jiyang said when, Zhan sat beside him.

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