Chapter 5

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-Leonora's POV-

I lay in my bed not wanting to deal with today. Stefan is standing in my doorway, "You have to get up you know. If we don't show up we will appear weak."

I groaned "Ughh werewolves are so dramatic."

He starts laughing "You're being the dramatic one right now."

I roll my eyes and throw my pillow at him which he catches.

He leaves and I get ready I put on a off white baggy wool knitted sweater and some dark jeans. He makes breakfast while I pack our lunch, I never want school lunch again.

We drive to school. Stefan heads to his next class before looking at me and saying "Don't kill anyone."

I smirk "You too."

I start walking to my next class before someone grabs my shoulder I turn around not caring who it was and hold my hand to their neck, while throwing them against some lockers.

"Leonora!" Oops it was Stiles.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! Stiles what the heck! You know what I am why would you do that!"

He's on the ground gasping for air, I held out my hand, he looked grateful but reluctantly took it. "Hey its fine it was my fault. I just wanted to say sorry about last night."

We start walking to the class that we have together "It's fine, me and my brother are very protective over each other."

We enter class and we sit next to each other. I know he has questions and I also know he will report back to Scott. "You can ask me questions you know?"

He looked relieved "Really?! I made a mental list, stay with me here. First what kind of food do you prefer blood or human food," I was about to answer but he's still going "Second I'm wearing garlic so that obviously doesn't work, third why are you really here, fourth do you have more vampire friends, fifth who were the first vampires, sixth how good are your senses, and seventh how can we really trust you?"

Wow he's very curious, I took a deep breath "Well we're vamps we like blood better but me and Stefan don't hurt people and we can eat human food too it still tastes the same. Second I smelled the garlic on you I just thought it was funny. Third, like I said I'm here because my brother got his heartbroken and we needed a fresh start. Yes I have multiple vampire friends and another vampire brother. The first vampires are called the originals, their witch mother created them to go against werewolves. Vampires can hear farther than wolves but wolves can smell better, we are also faster. And trusting us is up to you, I'll bring you a surprise tomorrow that might help with that a little."

I look at him to realize he had written everything down, he looked up and smiled at me and I returned that smile.

It's lunch now. I grabbed me and Stefan's lunches  from my locker and head to the cafeteria.

I see Stefan sitting in our normal spot, nobody invited us to sit with them so we sit by ourselves.

I plop the lunch bag on his side of the table "Eat up" I said while sitting down.

"I heard you talking to Stilinski, he really thought garlic would work?"

I start laughing making some people look at us. Right then Stiles comes running up to us and sat next to me "Ok you said the first vampires are called the originals and they're a family how many are there?"

Stefan gives me a look and then answers "Right now I'm pretty sure three of them are still walking not sure about the other two."

Stiles looked confused "So your saying they're dead?"

I shook me head "No you can't kill an original silly."

He looked even more confused but didn't push it, he nodded his head in thanks and left.

"He's going to have more questions later and I'm not answering, you let him ask questions you have to answer."

I sigh and roll my eyes "I'm fine with that."

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