Chapter 1

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Come Y/N, come to us. Don't fear us Y/N, we won't hurt you.

You wake up in a cold sweat running down your temple.


Same thing over and over again. Choking, you gasp for air.

Cool down.

You don't understand why you keep on awakening in the middle of the night always- always drenched in a cold sweat. The beginning of these dreams- nightmares I would rather call it, started occurring when your parents had died in a tragic accident which I would rather not talk about. Ever since, it had been normal for you to see all types of weird...nightmares and voices.


Yeah sure, I agree so too and there is nothing I can do about it either.

Confused? There is no much difference here...

I have no fucking reason to be hearing voices and seeing nightmares about inhuman creatures with fangs dripping with blood which makes it all the more disgusting.

It had only been a few days since your parents had passes away leaving you with a sense of loneliness that you have never experienced, hell, never even wished to experience. They had always been supportive and immensely caring parents who helped you no matter what situation you were in. You loved them dearly and having to lose them like this is beyond torture for you.

Holding back your tears, you drift off to sleep.



Stretching your arms, you wake to the blissful chirping of the morning birds. The beams of soft morning light are scattered around the room. You lazily walk towards the bathroom to take your morning shower.

Rotating the knob of the shower, you let the warm liquid fall onto your scalp. "This feels good," you whisper applying shampoo  and massaging your scalp thoroughly. This has been and always will be your ultimate R and R. After the relaxing shower, you wrap your towel around yourself as you walk out of the bathroom and search your cupboard or clothes.

"Where is it? Where is my- oh, found it." You hold up your plain white and oversized tee and smiled. "I missed you." It had once belonged to your mother but she handed it over to you and you promising you'll treasure it your whole life. The memory of it still never fails to bring tears. 

Blinking back the tears that were forcing to fall, you put on your denim shorts and half-tuck the tee and you head down to the kitchen to make yourself breakfast.

You made yourself toast and eggs, a cup of milk to go with it. You started gobbling up your food as if you haven't been eating for days which you haven't. You were too busy mourning for your parents deaths', not giving a damn to whether you have been starving yourself. You wash up your plate and plop on your turquoise- colored sofa to read a book. Your addiction equals to reading. You have always loved reading books about myths and legends about vampires and other immortal beings- but the nightmares you keep having makes you have second thoughts about your choices. 

And apparently the nightmares you keep having were about it...but you were still in a huge dilemma- a dilemma of which answers are still a mystery.

Its always been the exact same thing; the silhouettes of men and the voices; the deep and hoarse voices which still seemed to echo through your head.

Its always been the exact same thing; the silhouettes of men and the voices; the deep and hoarse voices which still seemed to echo through your head

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Lost in your train of thought, you had failed to realize that had been ringing for God knows how long. Opening the door, your search for whoever had been knocking. "Weird..."  you thought. That was when you looked down; there was a a letter...


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