Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: The Road to Power

Konan approached the door to the blonde's room. Her steps were quiet and slow, she arrived at the door. She gently knocked and waited for a response from the blonde. Soon enough she heard a faint, 'come in'. She smiled and opened the door.

The blonde was sitting on his bed, peacefully reading a book. He looked up and saw Konan, his face immediately lit up and put his book down. The little boy rushed up to Konan and hugged her, although only up to her legs because he was small.

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"Big sis Konan!" He exclaimed with a big grin plastered on his face.

"Hello Naruto." Konan responded smiling at the little boy. She picked Naruto up and walked over to the bed. Naruto stood on the bed and picked up the book he was reading. "What are you reading?" She asked.

"A book about Chakra and its origin. Big brother Pain gave it to me." Naruto answered flipping through the pages. Konan chuckled. I should probably talk to Pain about giving Naruto simpler books to read. She thought.

"Is it difficult to read?" She asked looking over the blonde's shoulder.

Much to the kunoichi's surprise the blonde shook his head with a big grin. "Not at all, I understand most of it." He answered.

Is this boy a genius? Konan asked herself. Maybe I should ask the others to train this boy. I believe he'll be strong in no time. I'll ask Pain about this.

"Say Naruto," Konan began, "how would you like to be trained?"

The blonde's eyes lit up almost immediately. "Really!?" He asked with stars in his eyes. "Will you really train me?"

Konan smiled t Naruto's sudden excitement. "Of course, we'll have everyone here train you, we'll train you to become very strong." She answered. Suddenly Naruto's expression went dull, much to Konan's concern. "What's wrong, Naruto?" She asked.

"Well... where I once stayed... the people who I was supposed to call family... didn't train me," Naruto answered his voice cracking, "they said I wasn't worth it... they said I was useless..."

Tears ran down Naruto's cheeks and before he could go on, he started to sob, covering his face with his hands. Konan frowned and looked at the boy with sympathy. She hugged him and stayed there until his cries died down.

He's asleep... Konan thought when she noticed the blonde's cries had died down. She smiled sadly and tucked the little boy in. She the left and went to find Pain to talk to him about Naruto. Soon enough she found the ginger haired man.

"Pain," she began getting his attention.

"What is it Konan?" Pain asked turning around to meet Konan.

"Did you give Naruto a book about Chakra?" Konan asked.

"Yes, what of it?" Pain asked raising an eyebrow.

"Naruto, I asked him if it was difficult, he said it wasn't. I believe he is a genius, Pain. We have to train him now. He'll be able to grasp all the basics, I believe, in a year." Konan explained.

"Yo, we talkin' about li'l Naru?" Hidan asked approaching the two with Deidara, Kisame and Sasori behind him.

"Yes." Konan answered and looked at Pain who nodded. "We're planning on training him, starting tomorrow."

"Konan believes that Naruto will be able to understand the basics in about a year, maybe even less." Pain explained. "We will find out his chakra affinities tomorrow. By then, be prepared because I will be assigning him to anyone here with his chakra affinities."

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