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Once upon a time, a royal queen sat sewing by her window. As she sewed, she looked out her window where snow was falling majestically. Distracted by the beautiful sight, she accidentally pricked herself and three drops dark blood dripped on to the white snow. The beauty of the contrast between the color was so pretty that she thought, "If only I had a child with skin that was as white as whipped cream, cheeks as red as a cherry-flavored Icee, and hair as black as the new Xbox One."

Not too much later, the queen had a little daughter who fulfilled her wishes- white as whipped cream, red as a cherry-flavored Icee, and as black-haired as the new Xbox One. They named the new baby Rain Beau. But much to the king's dismay, the queen died shortly after Rain Beau was born.

A year later the king remarried. She was a beautiful woman named Angel Darling. Though she seemed to be a very charming woman, inside she had a heart of stone. Prideful and arrogant, she couldn't stand if someone stole her thunder, her spotlight.

Every night before sleeping, she would talk to her electronic assistant, Siri. "iPad, iPad, in my hands, who is the awesomest in all the lands?"

Siri replied, "Angel Darling, you are full fair, 'tis true, but... No, you're definitely the fairest one of all." Content with her answer, Angel Darling would sleep peacefully.

Rain Beau, now nicknamed Rai, grew up and became even more beautiful, even more than the queen herself. One day the queen asked her iPad:

"iPad, iPad, in my hands, who is the awesomest in all the lands?"

Siri answered, "Rain Beau, is that you?"

Enraged, Angel Darling threw the iPad on the bed. Her rosy cheeks flushed and became yellow and green with envy. From then on, whenever she saw Rain Beau, her blood would boil. Her pride and arrogance began to overcome her, until her mission was for Rain Beau to be alive no more.

At once she summoned a young huntsman and gave him orders to kill the beautiful Rain Beau.

The huntsman took her out to the forest and was about to make the queen's day when he paused. How could he kill such a sweet and innocent young lady? "I shall let you go, my dear. But over the mountain lies a snowstorm as annoying as a little sibling. Will you be safe?"

Rai promptly replied, "'Let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway.'"

"Then go my snow princess and I do hope to see you again." the huntsman said sincerely. When she left, a wild boar came running by. To show that he had satisfied the vicious queen's orders, he killed the ugly boar and took its lungs and livers to the queen, where it was eaten heartily by the queen herself.

Rai ran as fast as she could up the hill until she reached the top. There she saw the snowstorm the huntsman was talking about. "Oh my," she fluttered. She ran like Jake from Subway Surfers and dodged the trees that were in her way. Exhausted from her run, she tripped over a root. She stumbled and fell face flat on the white snow, her head hitting a hard object. "OW!" she yelped. She brushed the snow away with her hand, and to her surprise, a door appeared.

She rang the doorbell. "Ding-dong the witch is dead!" the doorbell shrieked. After a few moments passed, it asked "What is your name?"

Astounded and afraid, Rai replied, "Chuck Norris."

"You may enter." the door answered.

Rai rushed in but stopped in her tracks. The room was AMAZING-it every child's paradise! A chocolate fountain spurted milky chocolate. Every toy in the world was littered on the floor, just waiting to be played with. And the walls? The walls were tablets and computers, waiting to be touched. Rai cried out with joy and proceeded to play with the gadgets.

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