Chapter 35: ARMY's inside girl

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As I sneak around BigHit heading for Bang PD office, I notice a certain cat's eyes on me. I look over to my right and I see Yoongi leaning against the wall. I can tell the gears are turning in his head, I sigh and turn to him. I cross my arms and tilt my head, making him laugh as he walks up to me. He pulls me to his chest as he kisses the top of my head, he holds me there as he asks

"Why do you look lost, cupcake?"

I circle my arms around his waist, and look up to him and reply

"Because I can't find Bang PD and Dawon unnie asked me to make sure he received the contracts she signed. Do you know where he is?"

He doesn't answer, instead he turns me around where I see Bang PD standing there. I assume he's waiting for Yoongi to release me since I had texted him that I needed to see him. I start to walk toward him, but before I get too far Yoongi grabs my wrist spinning me to him. He pulls me toward him and presses his lips to mine in a short but sweet kiss. Before I can even process what happened, he whispers into my ear

"Now you can go, cupcake."

I shake my head a bit and nod. Yoongi chuckles before walking away presumably to the genius lab.

I turn to Bang PD, who laughs and signals me to follow him to his office. Once we are both seated he asks

"What did you need to see me today for Iris?"

"Okay, so you know how you gave me permission to post on the boys twitter account if I had someone approve the tweet?"


"Well, I have been thinking of the perfect first tweet and I thought we could go through the pictures I have of the boys, and I could make a short thread of it, with the caption Iris' gift to ARMY"

I take a breath and look to Bang PD, who seems to like my idea much more than I thought he would. He then chuckles and says

"Well lets see the pictures so we can get this posted."

I smile, and pass him my phone with the photo album I had made for this specific reason. After an hour and a half the tweet was ready. It read

Thank you ARMY for supporting me through my journey, as a thank you I present to you a thread of BTS being cute #IRIS #dreams

We even included a clue to my own debut, since my debut single's title is simply dreams. The thread includes a solo picture of each of them, 7 pictures of them cuddling each other, and 2 pictures of them all together. There are a total of 16 pictures, which makes the thread a total of 4 tweets. I look to Bang PD, as he looks at me and I press the post button. I then ask

"How long do you think it's gonna take them to find me?"

"Considering the post is literally blowing up, I give you five minutes till one of them bust down that door."

We then see a reply to my post from the official BTS account, the one I'm still currently on, which reads

When did you even take all there?!?! Also where are you hiding??? #JIMIN

I laugh. I quickly log out of the account and log in to my spam account, where I have a following of 458. I mostly post random thoughts about kpop and retweet basically every BTS tweet, so as normal I find the post like it and retweet it when the app crashes. Whoops. I think I broke twitter, at least temporarily. Bang PD looks over my shoulder at my phone and laughs. He then asks

"What name do you go by on there?"

"Oh, well originally I was going to make a nickname, but I couldn't come up with one I liked, so I go by my username i guess which is universallykpop."

Just as I finish that sentence, the door opens to Jungkook and tae. They walk in and as Jungkook throws me over his shoulder, Tae says

"Sorry Bang PD, we will be taking her now. Thank you."

As we move I see a camera on us and I laugh, this is a perfect bangtan bomb, so I make sure to smile. We pass cherry and she waves to me and yells out

"Good luck iris"

"Don't worry, I'm having fun."

We round a corner and tae asks

"How is being carried around fun?"

I laugh as he slows down a bit so he can see my face and simply reply

"Because I'm short and you guys are tall, so therefore I feel very tall right now."

They take me to Yoongi's studio, where everyone is. I laugh as Jungkook sets me on the couch. I then say

"I guess you saw my tweet then?"

They laugh as Joon says

"Pretty sure you crashed the app, starshine."

At that the camera man said

"Okay I will edit that and post it in the next hour, bye!"

Jin then spoke up

"Okay so how did you take those without any of us noticing?"

"Well I don't think you guys notice, but when you guys are distracted, you are absolutely oblivious to the world, soo it really wasn't that hard.

Hoseok laughed before saying

"You know you're the same way, right?"

"Yeah I kinda figured I was"

Yoongi then said

"Well when you debut, we will be posting pictures of you. Also ARMY really liked this, I mean they crashed the app in under 3 minutes."

The rest of the day was spent in Pajamas in front of the TV watching Harry Potter, little did they know ARMY had taken over the top 10 worldwide twitter trends, with various ship names, the term OT7, and what would become one of Iris' favorite hashtags at number one, ARMY's inside girl.

Who knew one post could not only crash twitter, but bring so much happiness into a single fandom. A fandom that was going frantic, with no idea what #dreams could mean, was it a clue or was it just a hashtag? The theories were flying over a single word, a single word that would soon be out to the world with teaser images, a mv trailer, and single title. ARMY just needed to wait, and then their theories could possibly be proven.

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