Change of Heart

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Alexis's POV

One-by-one the boys showed me their rooms, or at least their halves. Jungkook was the only one who had his own room, but he had less room than all the rest of the members, because of the massive gaming computers. He doesn't even have a bed, just a couch. I tried not to nag him, since this is still new, but he saw the dislike on my face. He told me it was fine, but I didn't agree. I had to give in though, when he tickled me until I stopped frowning. 

Namjoon showed me his studio also, since he apparently had less to do than the members. Poor boy. He said that he didn't mind, however, because it meant that he got to spend more time with me. He's really flirty, but extremely respectful of me.

Jimin is the only one who hasn't showed me his part of the room. I saw part of it from when I had time with Hoseok, but it's not the same. I feel bad that they all have to figure out how to spend time with me individually, but I know I would feel worse if I paid special attention to only one of them. It's a lose-lose situation; either juggle them as if they were insignificant, or treat one as they deserve while leaving the rest out completely.

Jimin draws my attention away from my thoughts. "You should have seen Jin as soon as you left, he started going crazy. He had all of us running around the kitchen to make the, 'perfect meal.'" He laughs. Hoseok nods beside me.

"I'm sure it will be amazing, whatever it is." I comment brightly. Jimin looks at me and I try to read his eyes, but he turns too quick. He slightly tenses up, showing hesitation. What just happened? He seemed fine this morning when I went to go in for the interview, affectionate even. But it's like I just flipped a switch.

I look at Hoseok, but he just smiles at me. He must not have noticed. My mood dampens a little. I knew things were going too well. Of course they wouldn't all accept me, it only makes sense. Jimin doesn't respond, confirming my doubts. 

We turn the corner, and I see Jin near the stove getting the last of the meal ready. "Alexis! You can go into the dining room, the rest of the boys are there."

"I can bring the last thing over, if you need help." I offer.

"No way. I've got it, you can go ahead."

I want to help, but I won't be too pushy. I'll just have to return the favor later. Jimin looks at me and nods to the other room, "Come on." He says it softly, but his voice is tense. What did I do?

I follow him to the dining area, but not before I see Jin and Hoseok exchanging looks. Jin asks a silent question that Hoseok just shakes his head to. I turn my head back before they notice my attention.

When we get to the table the members smile at me. "Alexis! Look at what we did!" 

"I tried to tell them that we didn't need so many dishes, but obviously I lost." Suga comments.

I look at the table. There are almost a dozen side dishes with various seasoned ingredients. From plain seaweed and pickled radish to fried bean sprouts and fried vegetables. In the middle of it all, is the main dish- kimchi pork fried rice. I can see all the effort that they all put into everything. I can't believe they would do this much for me, especially since it's the first visit.

"No, you didn't overdo it at all. I love it!" I assure them.

They all blush at my response. Jin comes up behind me with yet another dish, Korean pancakes. "I hope you are hungry, because there is a lot to go around." He sets the dish next to the fried rice, and turns back around to me. "Take a seat anywhere, I'll make you a plate."

I go to sit down next to Yoongi, making Taehyung and Jungkook pout. I notice that they both left a seat open,   I assume for me. In the middle of them was Namjoon who got trapped by the duo.

Jimin and Hoseok both take their own seats after me and Jin reaches over us to make me a plate. "You get first dibs on everything. We all just put it on our own plates and share the big dishes, but if you're worried about germs, I can get something to serve."

I immediately shake my head, "No, it's okay. My family does this too." He places the plate in front of me.

"They do?" Namjoon asks. They all start picking out their own food after I got mine. How can they be so caring?

"Yeah, but we would just put the pots and pans on table straight from the stove or oven. It would keep it hot and make less dishes to clean later."

"Wouldn't the table burn?" Namjoon looks genuinely curious.

I pick up the chopsticks and pick up one of the pancakes, "No, we set them on a folded cloth."

"That's actually smart. Hyung, can we try that?" Hoseok asks.

"Maybe one day." Jin answers.

"It's just how we did it. I'll help you with dishes anyways, so don't mind it." I say.

"You're not touching those dishes, Alexis." Jin warns.

"We'll see about that." I smirk at his challenge.

Conversation went smoothly at dinner. The food was actually really good, so I don't know why they were so worried. Jungkook and Hoseok both taught me some ways that I would be able to mix the food and eat it in one bite. For some reason, I liked it a lot better separate, but I won't tell them that.

As promised, Jin put up a fight on making me do the dishes. He made a physical blockade with his body while letting the other members who offered to wash pass through. I didn't give up though. In the end, I was able to help dry the dishes.

So after everything is cleaned and put away, I told them that I had to go home. It was already late, and I had to call my family and tell them about the job. They put the leftovers in a container for me to take home, which I accepted without much debate.

Jimin still hasn't shown me his room, but I doubt that he would want to spend any time with me. He hasn't said anything during the meal. His change in behavior was abrupt and unusual, but nothing has been consistent since the concert, really. I thought I had seen him start to care for me, but it was most likely an illusion. I wanted them to have feelings for me, so I interpreted signs that weren't there.

The others knew about Jimin's change, and kept glancing at him every once in a while. I get up to leave, but someone speaks, "Wait." 

I turn towards Jimin in confusion. "I haven't spent time with you yet." He says quietly.

I blink in confusion. I guess I stand corrected.

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