Make it A date

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Rayna's POV

      I fumbled around in the closet in search of my favorite hoodie of Al's .

When suddenly A soft chuckle met my ears . 

I jumped immediately turning around , my eyes struggled to adjust to the darkness 

within seconds I was face to chest with Alois who was dressed in A royal blue shirt with black jeans and matching Blue shoes. He had A large ring on his right hand and his normally dishelved hair was pulled into A neat man bun his hair looking as though it was freshly cut. 

He looked so good even in casual clothing. 

I couldn't help but look him up and down as I resisted the urge to reach out and pull his lips to mine. 

"Could you at least put on some clothes before you look at me like that angel ? Id like to actually get to our date." He said smugly leaning against the closet entrance . 

I was so distracted by him I completely forgot I didn't have on anything but A towel. 

He stalked closer to me leaning down to my ear .

"But if you're going to keep looking at me like that we could always reschedule ." The whisper sent chills down my spine my face heating up . 

He laughed lightly as I pushed him out of the closet so I could change . 

He left the room rather reluctantly and I turned on the light looking around the closet. 

My eyes landed on A royal blue sundress that reached about to my knees. 

I threw on A Lacy Blue set for My undergarments 

Before picking the dress out of the closet . 

I tried it on ,pairing it with some black heels . 

It was cute but I really didn't like having my arms out . 

'You look great Ray!' Chí said excitedly Scarlett in Agreement

I smiled lightly looking in the mirror. 

Ill have to get used to dressing nice I suppose ... I can't be uncomfortable with my body forever .  

Is what I thought to myself trying to be optimistic however I couldn't help the slight nagging feeling of discomfort. 

I sprayed myself with my favorite warm vanilla-marshmallow perfume before drying my hair with A towel as much as I could. 

I ran some of my TeaTree-Almond Oil mix through my hair scrunching the ends a bit before quickly running A dryer over my hair.

I washed my hands and put in my studded earrings,  Applying lipgloss , grabbing my phone off of the dresser. 

I made my way downstairs looking at Alois who was spread out on the couch. 

As if hearing my footsteps he quickly sat up facing me . 

He stared at me silently . 

I played with my fingers nervously . 

Do I look bad? Maybe I really should've changed out of the dress. 

Layla who was on the couch across from Alois threw the remote at his head glaring . 

"You idiot don't just stare at her like she's your next meal . Say something. "

As if her words took him out of A trance he quickly stood up making his way to me . 

I had never been on A date before so I was nervous , Maybe I should change . 

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