Chapter 7

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Its been a week, me and Stefan are still not on the best speaking terms. Me, Isaac and Stiles are getting closer though, close enough where I can say "I trust them" confidently.

Today is Saturday and its also Stefan's first game, the game was supposed to be Friday but something happened to the opponents bus so it got delayed.

Currently I'm in my PJs making a cake for Stefan to celebrate him getting on the team and so I can also get some points while saying sorry. I just have to add the frosting and maybe a few drops of  red food dye acting as blood.

I hear Stiles and Isaac walk in (They also have become relaxed with me so they walk in the house whenever they please).

Stiles eyed the cake "Ooo is that cake for us?"

They gave me puppy dog eyes, I finished adding the frosting with my vampire speed "No unless Stefan is willing to share."

Isaac hopped on the counter "And where is that brother of yours?"

I smirked at him "Hunting so he doesn't rip anybody's head off."

I added the dye on top and it looked perfect, now I'm just hoping he'll forgive me.

Isaac hopped off the counter "Well we got to get going! Gotta practice for the game tonight, you're coming right?"

I smile "Wouldn't miss it." They walk out the door and I hear them get in Stiles jeep.

I go upstairs and look at the time 3 hours until the game.

I throw on some shorts and a t-shirt because I wanted to go running to clear my thoughts.

I hear the door open and run downstairs to see Stefan. "Hey! I made you a cake for your game! This was also my way of saying that I'm so so so sorry."

He looks at the cakes and wraps me in a hug "I'm the one who is sorry I got mad at you for trusting people. Thank you so much for the cake it looks awesome."

He let's go of me and grabs a fork "Well while you dig in I'm going on a run."

I start putting on my black tennis shoes. "Hey you're going to the game you made me a promise!"

I roll my eyes "Its not going to be that long of a run."

I walk out the door take a deep breath and start heading to the trails that are next to the house.

The trails are nice and the air was cold, a perfect day.

I stumbled upon a little creek and sat down on a fallen tree to catch my breath.

I check the time 30 minutes until the game, also enough time for me to get ready.

I started running back when I hear a branch snap I thought nothing of it and continued on but I heard another snap.

"Okay who's there, stop messing with me."

Then a man starts walking out "Scott told me about you, he said we can't fully trust you. And you know how I deal with people I can't trust? I hurt them."

He starts running at me his face had changed and so had his eyes, he was a werewolf.

He held his hand in the air and brought it down slashing the side of my stomach.

I turn around and run not wanting to kill someone, I don't hear footsteps following and I'm almost near the school because I can hear the crowd cheering.

I start slowing my walk when I feel a bunch of water poured on me but it started burning, I start screaming and crying the water had vervain in it.

-Scotts POV-

We started the game but Stefan, Isaac, and Stiles weren't into it, they were all worried why Leonora wasn't there.

They kept getting pushed down and missing shots. Coach blew his whistle and called a timeout "What the hell is going on out there! Salvatore! Lahey! What is the problem!" They both hung their heads down.

The game finished with us barely winning by three points. "Stilinski, McCall, you can help Salvatore and Lahey clean the field since you are such great friends with them."

I sigh and start picking up equipment.

Stefan started talking "I don't understand why she didn't come she never breaks her promises." 

Stiles looks at the ground and so does Isaac, I can tell they have made a bond with her.

"Maybe she has a really really good reason" I suggested but no one believed me.

We continued to pick up the equipment on the field when Stefan's head suddenly snapped up. "Do you guys hear that?"

Me and Isaac started focusing on the sounds around us, I started hearing a faint voice "Please help me, Stefan, Isaac, Scott, anybody."

Stiles has no clue what was going on but I decided to fill him in later.

"It's Leonora! We have to find her!" Everyone nodded their heads and dropped the equipment, we started running towards the sound of her faint voice.

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