Chapter 8

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We found Leonora's burned body in the middle of the woods.

Stefan's face dropped like he just saw thousands of people die,"NO!" He ran to her body and crouched next to her "Please don't leave me Nor!"

He checked her pulse and picked her up he was crying now "She's okay we have to take her home."

We reached the Salvatore's house and layed Leonora on the couch, she wasn't healing a fast as normal.

"I'm going to call my mom she will know how to treat the wounds so they heal faster." Stefan nodded his head and I took out my phone and called my mom, she said she'll be here in about ten minutes.

I also texted Lydia and Allison because they also took a liking to Leonora, what's not to like she's kind, funny, brave, loyal, and also helps people.

Stefan wouldn't leave Leonora's side instead he would tell us what to do "Stiles and Scott while we wait for Melissa will you grab Leonora's stuffed animal on her bed and Isaac will you grab a rag and put it under cold water."

We all nodded our heads Isaac walked to what I believe is the kitchen and

Stiles leads me upstairs to Leonora's room "We usually study in her room, it seems empty without her."

I grab the stuffed animal that was a bunny and patted Stiles on the shoulder "She'll be okay we just have to find out who did this to her."

We walked down stairs and see that Stefan has put the cold rag on her forehead.

My mom, Allison, and Lydia showed up about twenty minutes later. My mom started attending to Leonora's wounds.

All of us but Stefan were in the kitchen silent and hoping for the best.

"Oh my god!" We all ran to the living room to see what happened, Leonora was still unconscious on the couch but her shirt was pulled up revealing her stomach but also revealing three large slash marks.

I ran over to examine the marks "These are a werewolves scratches!"

Everyone gasps but Stefan breaks a glass vase and walks outside, Isaac eyes turn yellow and his claws pop out.

Of course Stiles started spouting ideas "Aiden and Ethan were at the game, it was ethier Derrek or Peter, or someone else."

I shook my head "We won't really know until she wakes up."

Lydia looks concerned "Lydia are you okay?" I asked.

She nodded her head no "I think we should all stay here tonight all I feel is something dark."

Stefan came back in, "You can stay as long as you want extra blankets and pillows are in the closet." He walked up the stairs and vanished, I can smell the anger and fear coming off him.

We all set up pillows and blankets around the couch Lenora was on and fell asleep.

-Leonora's POV-

I wake up to the sunlight shining through the window.

I'm dead, this must be heaven, there is no way I survived almost a bucket full of vervain water.

I start hyperventilating, I never said goodbye to anyone, oh gosh will they even be sad?

"Hey hey are you okay?!"

Maybe I'm not dead but that person must have kidnapped me.

I don't know who said that I just start screaming and thrashing "LET ME GO! LET ME GO!"

Surely someone will hear me and call the cops.

"Hey, hey Leonora its me, its Stefan!"

I stop thrashing and open my eyes to see almost everyone staring at me and I start to burst out and cry.

"Am I dead? Am I dreaming?"

I saw Scotts mom kneel beside me and put her hand on my forearm "No sweetie you are alive you where severely burned."

I start feeling a throbbing pain in my side I lift up my shirt to see the slashes of a werewolf.

"The wolf that did this said he knew Scott."

They all turn to Scott he looked confused "I've only talked about you and your brother to Derek and Peter."

Everyone nodded their head but Stefan and I were still confused.

Melissa started to lay me on my side saying I need to rest, but I can't rest with everything running through my mind, but I still did as I was told.

Isaac sat next to me and put my legs on his lap.

Everyone has started a conversation that I didn't join.

Stefan noticed and decided to talk to me "I've called Damon, he's coming to visit for a few days."

I stood up so fast if I could get whiplash I would "You what! You know he doesn't like wolves if he could he would kill everyone here!"

Stefan stood up now "You know Elena has changed him for the better, second he has the Mikaelson family to deal with, third he wouldn't dare hurt you, you know how protective he is over you."

He is dealing with the freaking original family and no one told me what the heck?! I'm screaming now "The Mikaelson family! THE MIKAELSON FAMILY! How long has he dealt with them because they sure as hell weren't there when we were!"

Everybody is looking at me, its probably because I can feel the dark veins under my eyes.

Stiles pulled up his sleeve "Leonora you need to feed." I shook my head

"Forget it I'm not feeding on my friends."

I was still fuming but he still was not backing down he came closer to me and I feel my veins grow I close my eyes.

Allison came closer too "Its okay Lee, we won't judge you, we know you can control it."

Allison and Lydia have given me the nickname Lee, I guess its better than Stiles and Isaacs which is Vampy.

"Nor you need fresh blood, I know you hate feeling weak. You don't have to keep drinking animal blood, I saw what happened when you didn't heal, its because you haven't tasted human blood in months."Stefan said.

How can I explain to them that I'm scared, I know they're just trying to help but I don't want to hurt them.

"What if I can't control it, what if the hunger takes over and I kill you all."

Scott stepped forward "That's a risk everyone is willing to take."

I sigh and grab Stiles arm. Hesitant I feel my teeth sink in to his soft tender skin.

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