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"Oof!" I yelled.

Arron abruptly halted and turned around, his gaze falling on my wounded leg, and he jogged towards me.

"What happened, are you all right?" he inquired, frowning and lightly rubbing my hurt leg.

"I slipped off so my leg," I explained to him, gulping and closing my eyes as I winced from the pain in my ankle. A small amount of blood is also on the way.

"Seriously, girl, why are you so clumsy and silly, huh, you can't even look after yourself?" With wrinkled brows and a straight gaze into my eyes, he remarked, shaking his head.

I scowled and let out a little gasp as I looked at him. "It's not my fault, what can I do if I fall by accident, you're acting as if I did it on purpose," I said to him.

As my shoulders slumped back, he checked my leg again, rubbing it tenderly, and I closed my eyes, biting my lips and swallowing the anguish in my leg.

"I'll take you inside your room,"  I split my lips slightly tasting his scent as he cradled me in his arms, my head resting on his broad chest and hands behind his neck.

We entered my room, and he gently placed me on my bed, which I adjusted over.

Then he brings the ointment and begins applying it to my wound, delicately applying the ointment so that it does not harm me. I can see his deep crystal blue eyes have worried emotion for me; they are some of the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. I look at his face; he is devilishly handsome, but he despises me. He started leaving my room after he completed applying ointment to my wound.

I mumbled, "Um, Aaron."

"Hmm," he remarked.

"Could you please bring my pajamas from my closet because I am unable to walk," I asked him carefully? I'm not sure how he'll react.

He nodded and walked over to my closet, bringing my pink, eye-catching, and comfortable pajamas.

"Um Aaron, bring them closer to me, I can't take them from that far," I cooed at him when an amazing thought came to mind.

Let me also see how long you would remain like ice, Mr.Devil, as he looked at me straight-faced as if he wasn't moved by me.

I leaned in closer to him when he brought those pajamas near me, and immediately gave him a small kiss on his smiling cheeks.

With raised eyebrows, he hastily backed away from me.

"Thank you, my darling hubby," I answered with a shrug.

"I am not your husband, we are not real couples," he said coldly as he reached up to us to leave my room. "I hate you, understand," he said, "so never try to become my wife or come close to me."

Through the wide glass window in my bedroom, rays of sunlight fell on my face, and I gently opened my eyes.

Then I rose up from my bed and examined my leg; the pain in my ankle was still minimal compared to last night, and the wound had begun to heal, sighing. I gazed at the wall-mounted digital clock.

What the hell, it's 11 a.m., I overslept shit Aaron, he's already gone to his office, I can't even prepare his lunch, did he do his breakfast, I clenched my teeth and fidgeted with the duvet that was still draped around my waist.

Then Amy came in my room with a tray of breakfast and three other maids, one of whom was carrying painkiller medicine.

Amy smiled at me and asked, "How was your night sweetheart, did you sleep well?" She brought my food on the table near my bed and motioned the other maids to leave.

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