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-Third POV-

Staring at the curse in front of her, the h/coloured girl sighs. Then proceeds to go in front of it and starts talking

"When will I get a break from you guys?"

She raises her hand and mutters "black flash" suddenly, in the palm of her hand there's a black flame. It lasts for about three seconds and in that time she points it at the curse. The curse is exorcised.

"Whoa. I don't remember teaching you that Y/n." Says the the blindfolded teacher.

"Does it look like I need your guidance? eh Sensei? She says with a smirk forming on her face. She heads towards him and plops down next to him.

"Wawnt sowme?" He was trying to talk with his mouth full.

"Sensei, you need to learn something know as table manners." She sighs looking at the mess he's making in front of her.

"You need to learn manners yourself Y/n." He tried to come off as serious but he had crumbs all over his face which made it hard for her to contain her laughter.

"but you know Gojou Sensei, I'm the only one who actually calls you sensei in the second years. You should be more lenient to me." She interrupted him.

"And that's why your my favourite student." He says grinning at her.

'The last time I asked who your favourite was, all you said was a good teacher doesn't have favourites. What are you doing.' she thought shaking her head disappointed.

-Y/n POV-

"Sensei when will you introduce me to the second years. Practically no one knows me except you and the principal."
I asked him interrupting his 'deep thoughts'.

"Oh, I totally forgot. They're returning today. I'll introduce them. Also just so you know a first year, named Itadori Yuuji was killed yesterday. So, I hope it doesn't become too gloomy." He said. I could make out he was disappointed and sad.

"I'm sorry, sensei. Itadori was my friend too. I miss him a lot you know. I hope he's happy where he is." I said looking down at the ground trying to contain my tears.

Sensei said "He will be back, don't worry." He just came up to me and ruffled my hair. And told me to be near the temple at 8:00 in the morning.


It was probably 7:55 am. I went to the temple and sat down. I started to doze off when I heard sensei yell at me. "Oi. You shouldn't be sleeping you know."

"But sensei, you sure took your time."
I pouted.

"The second years. Come on out. This is the person I wanted you to meet. She has been a second year for the same time as you guys so I hope you can take care of her. She can also beat all off you, so don't get on her bad side."
Sensei sure knows how to exaggerate things. I hope these people don't hate me for it. God I don't know why I'm even here. But whatever I guess.

"Hey guys, my name is Y/n L/n. And I hope we get along." I said with a small smile. I don't like this already.
There were three people in front on me. Not even three. There was a Panda tho. He was cute. I wonder if I can hug him later.

There was another pretty girl she introduced herself as Maki Zenin. Sensei did tell me about her and he said she was physically strong. I hope I can be in her team.

There was this weird guy too. He didn't say anything except Tuna and Mayo. I didn't understand what he meant but later the panda man said he couldn't speak because of his crused speech.

I did feel bad for him. I hope I can have a conversation with him later but I'm here to fight so it doesn't matter.

After introducing everyone else to me. Sensei left me to socialize with everyone else.

-Maki POV-

She looks like my little sister but I hope we can actually get along. She doesn't seem so bad.

"Fish Flakes." I heard Toge say.
I've never heard him call a girl pretty. So I think it's match making time.

Although she doesn't look the relationship type. I hope he doesn't break his heart.

Well let's see what we can do.

-Panda POV-

'He called her pretty. Whoa. My child is growing up.' I thought while wiping my fake tears.

I looked at Maki and She looked at me and We nodded.

It's an understanding between us I guess.

-Toge POV-

'Pretty strong.'

I just said "Fish flakes." I forgot how to say strong. I'll read the book again. It's troublesome.



-to be continued.

Maki and Panda after getting to know that he meant pretty stong: 👁️👄👁️

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