Chapter 11

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"Remember what?"

Everyone but Rebekah, Elijah, and Klaus looked confused.

Klaus and Elijah walk up to me, Elijah takes my hand while Klaus puts his hands on my cheeks, Klaus is compelling me, he whispers "Remember."

I start remembering everything, when I left Stefan and Lexi, I traveled the world I went almost everywhere I wanted to go. 1872 was the year I met the Mikaelsons in England they considered me family and I spent ten amazing years with them. Mikael came and he forced them out, I wanted to run with them but they said that it wasn't a good life. They compelled me to forget about them and they left me a white oak stake just in case Mikael was to come for me.

-Different Memories-

"Come Leonora, hurry or Klaus will tag us."

Me and Rebekah hide behind a bush. We hear someone walking and Klaus's head popped over the bush "Boo!"

"Run Rebekah run!" I yelled.

I trip over myself and fall to the ground.

Klaus walked up to me and patted me on the shoulder "Tag your it!"

"Elijah will you teach me how to sword fight?"

Elijah closes his book "And why on earth would you want to fight?"

I sat down next to him "To protect my family and myself from anyone who wants to hurt us."

"Rebekah which color do you think matches the most, red or blue."

She starts circling me examining the colors. "I believe you will look the best in the blue, it makes your eyes pop."

Klaus walks over to me "He broke your heart, let's kill him."

Elijah walks over as well "Normally I would be against killing but in this case let's do it."

Rebekah starts talking "We will kill him but let's dance and get rid if that bad feeling in your heart."

I smile and we danced until morning.

"Kol what kind of music is this?"

He looks at me "What you don't like it? Its beautiful."

I roll my eyes "Sure whatever floats your boat."

He grabs my hand and we dance terribly until Rebekah grabs Kol and Elijah grabs me.

"Drawing is about control, control your thoughts and control your emotions." Klaus advised. I drew a field of flowers with me, Rebekah, Elijah, Klaus, and Kol in it.

At Christmas every year me and Rebekah forced her brothers to write down our wishes, then burn them for luck. It was Kol and I's favorite part of that holiday.

-Leonora's POV-

I fall to my knees as the memories rushed to my head.

I start crying and Rebekah rushes to my side and hugs me. "Why didn't you find me when it was safe?"

Klaus and Elijah sat next to me, but Rebekah was the one to speak "We didn't want you to run if we had to and we didn't even know where you were."

My crying has slowed down but I realized everyone was confused "Elijah will you explain to them" I mumbled.

While Elijah was explaining with Kol I took a walk with Klaus and Rebekah.

Klaus looked guilty so he started talking "It felt weird, meeting you like it was your first time seeing us. Our family never was complete when you were gone, I hope you understand that we thought it was best not to seek you out."

I stop and turn to them "I understand, I also hope you understand why I'm asking you now to stop going after Elena she's been through a lot lately and I consider her my friend."

Klaus looks down and was about to say something but Rebekah interfered "That friend of yours stabbed me in the back literally and I'm pretty sure shes conspiring with my mother."

I see Elijah walk towards us "They told me to tell you they are all going to your house. And Rebekah you have done worse then stab someone in the back and if Elena does happen to be conspiring with mother then I will deal with her appropriately."

We all walk into the mansion "Before you go will you dance with us one more time?" Klaus asks.

"Why not" I say bowing.

Kol who was already inside starts playing some music.

We all start dancing, I didn't realize how much I missed them, most people see them as monsters but I see them as family.

I left when the clock struck twelve, I know how very Cinderella of me, but I didn't want to keep my friends waiting at my house. I said my goodbye's to everyone promising to spend the rest of the week with them. I run out of the mansion still in my dress and start running to my house hoping that my brothers and friends won't judge me for befriending the Mikaelsons.

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