Chapter Four

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__Wang Yibo's POV__

I was going home, when I saw that alcoholic on the middle of the road. Cursing someone badly. I parked my car aside and went to him. There were a lot of people surrounding them and watching circus. I don't know why I came here just like others not maybe. Because of he is my brother's friend's brother. Too far relationship. But, whatever, I came.

"You bastard, how you can talk to me like this way?" Xiao Zhan asked the boy. Who was standing infront of him. I can see anger on his face.

"You are a motherfucker. Don't pretend to be a saint. I know how you are." The boy replied him back.

I don't know, what's the reason behind this world war but, I was feeling awkward. I don't know why.

"Listen you asshole, I know how I am. So, I don't need a character certificate from you." Xiao Zhan said in anger climb over the boy.

I move and hold his hand for stopping him.

"Leave me. I said leave me you. Whatever you are. Leave me. I want to kill him. I want to kill him." He said trying to free from my grip.

Seeing Xiao Zhan's red eyes, the boy run away from his death, Xiao Zhan.

When I saw the boy went far away, I released Xiao Zhan from my grip.

He turned back towards me and splash a full bottle of water on me.

"What the."

I was shocked by his all of sudden action.

"Why you stopped me? Why??!! Who the hell are you? Who are you?" He shouted with blood red eyes. His cheeks were also red because he was angry.

"You were trying to kill that innocent." I finally spoke.

"Innocent? Do you know, what he said to me? What he did to me? You don't know anything. You just don't know. Then you are saying he is innocent. Ohhh-- I'm so sorry, you are the who judge people without knowing them. So sorry, then tell me why you just stopped a alcoholic. Why? Oh shit!! You just touched a alcoholic. You need sanitizer nah? Wait wait!!" He said and took out a spray sanitizer and gave it to me.

"You are like those people, who judge people without knowing them 1%. Do you get that?" He said and walk away from the place.

I was just dumbfounded. What the heck just happened? I was fully wet. People were still surrounding and gossiping about what just happened. I felt very uncomfortable. I also walk out from that place and went to my car and started driving towards home.

It was the first time, when someone misbehaved with me and, I didn't say anything. Anyhow, whatever that guy said to me. I was thinking about them. I judge people without knowing them? Seriously? That, moment I remembered, the moment when, I said him a alcoholic. But, he was smelling like a alcoholic. Did I made a mistake? Thousands of questions surrounding my mind. But, I don't have any answers of them.

__Xiao Zhan's POV__

How dare he said that to me. And, that bastard. Why he came and stopped me. I hate him. He is just like a bunch of shitty people. Who loves judge people.

I'm driving my car towards home. I need rest. I'm too much tired dealing with shitty people everyday. I'm not that bad, people think about me. I'm not that bad.

In my mind, I was trying hard to controlling my emotions, anger. But, somehow. I was failing. From childhood till now, I'm controlling myself, from childhood till now, I always try to smile without caring a pain in my heart. No one can understand what I feel, how I feel.

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