House recovery

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Namjoon's Pov


Jungkook says Jumping around excited

Namjoon: Wait- Really?!?!?

Jungkook: Yes!

The other guys started smiling at me, That's when I get the hint that she's not just alive but she's also awake

Namjoon:Can I go see her??? Pleassseee?

Jin: Of course you can

I quickly go in the room to see her standing next to the window

Namjoon: Babe! What are you doing you should sit down!

I say worried and try to go to her but she looked scared

Y/n: U-Umm w-whe-where's my Mo-Mother?

Namjoon: you mother? Sh-

Doctor: Namjoon, Please come out here, I got to say something to the 7 of you

I'm so confuse but I just followed him, once we got outside all of the seven of us had our eyes on him

Doctor: Well as you all notice, she's alive, but this food poisoning...Was too strong....Matter of fact, it wasn't food poisoning, it was actual poison, but for some reason her immune system didn't let the poisoning kill her. But it did damage a lot, especially with the tape worms, so, the mix of this to cause her to have some brain confusion. Brain confusion is something like her forgetting stuff, like who are you, or what's going on, and after she recognizes something, she will remember a little bit and go back to normal, and after the memories of that are gone, she's going to go back to how she is right now, good thing, this can be cure if you show her a lot of stuff that's hers. For now try to be gentle and not do as many jokes as before you can take her now, But be careful.

Jin: Ok thanks doctor

The doctor nods and leaves to attend another patient

Namjoon: So....How are we going to do this?

*5 Minutes later*

Hoseok: Please Y/n come with us

Y/n: Y'all crazy?!?! I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU

Namjoon: You want some candy?

Y/n: OhHhH candy!! Wait- What type of candy?

Namjoon: Smarties

Y/n: Ummm...No, You got Reese's?


Y/n: Dang it

Y/n: You got Skittles?

Namjoon: No?

Y/n: Dang it

Y/n: You got lollipops?

Namjoon: No- Yes! I do

Y/n: Y- wait- what flavor?

Namjoon: Umm- Root beer

Y/n: No I'm good

Namjoon: C'monnnn

Jin: we have candy in the car tho!

Y/n: Really? Alright I'll follow you there

As soon as Y/n turns around to go outside we all give each other looks

*Once in the car*

Y/n got in the car to start searching for the candy when she did Taehyung sat her in a seat that had a window but no door, and he sat next to her we all go in and then we will try our best to get home.....

This is going to be a long ride....

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