Chapter 13

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Me and Stiles did decide to skip a week of school, Mystic Falls has Tuesday and Thursday off because of parent meetings. Stiles was excited because he wanted to learn more about vampires, witches, and our type of werewolf. He told me he was looking forward to seeing magic for the first time. I wrote on a piece of paper writing down my schedule for me and Stiles that week.


Monday: Mikaelsons
Tuesday: Bonnie and Caroline
Wednesday: Mikaelsons
Thursday: Mystic Falls friends
Saturday: Drive back to Beacon Hills

I showed Stiles the schedule and he thought it was good.

I have to drag him along because I promised Scott he wouldn't get hurt and in this town you never know.

Stiles doesn't seem to mind though he's fascinated by everything I show him.

Elena has apologized and forced Damon to apologize too, I excepted their apologies.

Whenever I see him and Stefan it makes me have a knot in my stomach. Ever since I was a kid it was always Damon and Stefan, I couldn't play with them when we were young because I was a girl, they were the first to become vampires then reluctantly turned me, they hate each other, fight, bicker, but in the end they always go back to one another.

I guess that's why I always clicked with Kol he feels the exact same way with his siblings. We were somewhat shut out and the only way to show people we're still here is to make some noise. I love them don't get me wrong, but our family is disastrous.


"So you are telling me that man standing right there is the first ever vampire werewolf and can also control when he shifts?"

I laugh and nod my head yes, Stiles curiosity is hilarious. Stiles starts writing everything and anything down, which Elijah laughs at.

Klaus is hovering over Stiles watching whatever it is he's writing, Klaus smiles wickedly "Erase lone wolf, I won't be alone for long."

Me and Elijah give him stern looks while he throws his hands up innocently.

I start talking to Rebekah "I like this decades fashion, you can wear whatever you want, dress like your personality, dress to express yourself, dress to be lazy!"

I smiled agreeing with everything she said. She was wearing a grey tank top, black leather jacket, black jeans, and shiny black boots.

I was wearing a dark red dress with a jean jacket over it, whenever I wear dresses I always wear a tank top and shorts underneath, because I'm a vampire and you never know.

Klaus has compelled cooks and waiters to serve us all a large dinner, Elijah made a toast in my name. I guess Esther and Finn were to busy to show up.

We got on the topic of old friends and Rebekah tells us about one of hers "Yes she loved her husband dearly but when another vampire shoved him into the sun, she turned her humanity off, I had to kill her because she was drawing to much attention to us."

Everyone agreed about what needed to be done but Stiles was shook "Wait you killed one of your friends?! And how did she turn her humanity off?"

I sigh, shoot I forgot to tell them about the humanity switch.

I explain the humanity switch to Stiles while he takes his notes.  "Have you ever had your switch off" he asks me.

I shake my head no and Klaus starts talking to Stiles "That's because I told her a savior doesn't turn off the pain they deal with it and make it the reason why they keep going."

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