Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Gaara vs Deidara and Naruto

Sand rushed to Naruto who easily dodged it, "hm?" Deidara let out as he jumped onto his clay bird. The sand chased him which Deidara dodged with ease. Naruto charged, kicking Gaara and punching him on the gut.

The read head blocked the punch and skidded away from the blonde. "You knew it was me... yeah." Deidara smirked, amused by the attacks from the Kazekage of Sunagakure.

"In this desert, no bird like that exists." Gaara said bluntly.

"Our sneaking in plan was a failure," Naruto chuckled and relaxed his muscles, "and thanks to that... we didn't have to look for you."

"Who... are you?" Gaara asked looking at the blonde before him.

Naruto grinned and punched his palm with his fist, "none of your business!" He growled as red chakra enveloped his body, his whisker marks grew broader, his teeth turned to sharp fangs, his nails grew into claws and his hair spiked.

Gaara raised his arms and Naruto easily dodge the uprising sand that came his and Deidara's way. Deidara dodged the sand, that had formed into large clawed hands, with his hands in pouches. Naruto dodged all attacks with ease and managed to land a few hits on the Kazekage.

The red head jumped onto his sand and flew through the air, chasing Deidara.

Smalls birds formed in Deidara's palms which he threw directly at Gaara, he formed a single hand sign and in a puff of smoke the small birds transformed into much bigger and faster ones.

Gaara attempted to block the birds that soared through the air and towards him. Deidara smirked and formed another hand sign making the birds explode. Much to Deidara's surprise, once the debris had cleared in Gaara's place was a big ball of sand shielding him.

"It's like the eggshell which protects the inner contents, hm." Deidara said with a smile. To be able to guard my art, is quiet impressive, hm. No matter. "Go! Naru!!" Deidara yelled.

Naruto let out a fearsome roar, a blue orb formed in his hand with two shadow clones behind him. One had finished formed the orb and son helped the second shadow clone to launch him into the air.

"Rasengan!!" He bellowed thrusting the blue orb onto the sand. A huge explosion erupted the sand crumbled and broke the shield that covered Gaara. The red head looked at Naruto in clear shock.

Naruto grinned but his grin was suddenly replaced with confusion as a shadow loomed over him and Deidara. They immediately realised what was going on. Sand slowly began to close on them, Naruto clicked his tongue and formed two more shadow clones.

The clones threw him towards Deidara. Naruto put his arm out in front of him and the chakra cloak that enveloped his body stretched towards Deidara. He grabbed him and threw him out of the closing orb.

The blonde barely managed to get out of the orb after Deidara. "Crap, that was close-!" Naruto cut himself off when he suddenly felt something on his arm. He looked at his arm and his eyes widened.

Gaara looked at Naruto and curled his hand into a fist, "Sand Coffin!" He said.

The sand gripped Naruto's arm tightly, crushing all the bones in it. Naruto gasped at the sudden surge of pain that went through his arm and entire body. Gaara smiled a little, triumphantly. But his smile was quick to fade when he saw a smile form on Naruto's face.

"Just kidding~" He laughed and his body disappeared in a puff of smoke. A clone!? Gaara asked in shock.

"Oho, smart Naru." Deidara chuckled and reached into his pouches. I've only got a little bit of clay left. Enough for one attack. He thought and looked at the sand orb around Gaara. A special type of sand that he has channelled his chakra into, thus the 'absolute defence'.

"Interesting." He muttered to himself and held a clay doll in his hand. This Homing Bird will do nicely. Deidara smiled and formed a hand sign, enlarging the clay he held.

"That's it," Deidara said as the clay before him grew, "I will destroy this town, hm."

Naruto stood on a building, watching Deidara and Gaara. In deep thought, a question filling his head. Is he like me? The blonde thought. I can see it, the pain in his eyes... I can tell he has had a rough past... just like me...

Of course he is just like you, you and he are Jinchuriki's after all. A gruff voice spoke in his mind. Naruto snapped out of his thoughts and looked around. It's that voice again... and Jinchuriki? People who posses a tailed beast are known as Jinchuriki.

He looked up as Deidara spoke to Gaara.

"To be stopped from below would definitely put me in a and mood. That and I'm tired of your expressionless face." Deidara said. I'll admit he is strong. I didn't heed Sasori's warning, I came unprepared.

The huge clay doll dropped towards the ground, fast. The "exploding clay" doll that I made out of clay and chakra from the mouth in the palm of my hand. Deidara chuckled. Out of all the things I can make, The Homing Bird's exploding strength is my greatest artistic achievement!

Gaara's eyes widened, the ninja's and villagers below looked up at the large clay above them, falling. Deidara smiled and formed a single hand sign. "You're too late!" He chuckled.

A big explosion went off, Deidara laughed at his marvellous work but to only stop himself as the debris cleared to reveal the safe village and a huge wall of sand above it. Deidara smiled, "right on time... Naru." He said looking at the slightly worn out Gaara.

Naruto appeared in front of Gaara with his raging red eyes glaring directly into his grim green eyes. "Hey~!" Naruto grinned formed several hand signs at great speed. The blonde inhaled, "Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!!" He spewed out a huge ball of fire at Gaara.

A huge explosion occurred from the collision of the sand and fireball. Gaara breathed heavily and suddenly felt a chill run down his spine. "Maybe watch your surroundings, Kazekage-sama." A voice said eerily.

Gaara turned around to only meet a blue orb being thrusted into his gut. An explosion went off and the sand wall broke. The red head began to fall, but a blonde quickly caught him and landed on a clay bird. "We'll be taking him now." Naruto chuckled.

"Our mission is done, Mission Complete is what you could call it." Deidara laughed as the two birds flew away before other ninja's in the area could attack, they were gone. The bird flew to where Sasori waited, and landed when he came into view.

"Took you both long enough." Sasori said.

"Well he was a pretty tough opponent." Naruto grinned and they began to make their way back.


They stopped in their tracks and slowly turned around to meet Kankuro. "Return Gaara to me!" He growled. Sasori jumped off jumped off Deidara's which they had just climbed on.

"Deidara, Naruto... you two go on ahead." He said.

Naruto raised an eyebrow and looked at Sasori, "you sure big bro, Sasori?" He asked and Sasori nodded at the blonde. "Ok! Don't you dare lose to him, ya' hear me? Dattebayo!"

Sasori smiled under the mask that covered his face. Like hell I would. He said. Suddenly Kankuro pulled out three scrolls and rolled them onto the sandy surface. He formed a single and sign and in a puff of smoke three puppets stood next to him.

"Puppet Jutsu...?" Sasori asked himself, slightly stunned.

"Alright, we'll head back first!" Deidara said as he jumped onto his bird and flew off.

"I'm not letting you get away!!" Kankuro scowled moving his arms, making his puppets move towards Deidara and Naruto.

Suddenly in a blink of an eye a tail had grabbed Kankuro's puppet. Kankuro looked at Sasori in shock, "since I do not like to wait or keep people waiting," He began glaring at Kankuro, "I will end this quickly."

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