Chapter Five

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Kates Pov

As I was about to close the door a foot stopped it from closing all the way, as I stepped away from the door dax opened the door all the way and walked all the way in and closed the door as I kept backing up.

"Why did you run kate?" dax said sitting down on my desk

"Those guy yesterday chased me and you were with them and he pointed to me and you stated to walk over to me and i got scared"

"Why did they chase you?"

"They chased me in a car the other day and they were hitting on me and I ran and then left the library when they held my arm and pepper sprayed them when they got to tuche."I said after i said that he got his phone out and texted someone.

"I'm sorry about that i will that care of the guy how did that to you' he said to me with a straight face

"what do you mean by that??" I said a little scared just as he was about to answer me Blair walked into the room and at first didn't know that dax was in the room with us. Until she turned around and she jumped

"Boss, what are you doing here?" She said she was kind or sounded scared.

"Just came by to check up on Kate, I have to get going but keep on Kate and be by the house at 9:00 sharp" he said, getting up and leaving. After he lifted Blair Looked at like I was crazy.

"What...?" i ask

"Do you know how he was!?" she said

"yeah his name is dax"

"No you don't understand. I told you the other day I hung out with those people. Well, let's just say he is the leader of those people!"

"What do you mean?"


"Ohhhhhhhhhhh shit...." i said

" yeah oh shit now i have to go back again tonight and help them out with finding the guys that did that to you." she said

"why would you and them do that"

"I'm not too sure they don't do stuff like this too often but I guess they like you"she said after that she told me she needed to go get some things for them and then go to their place so once again I would be by myself tonight.

After she left I ate the leftover pizza from last night, did some homework and went to bed. I was not really feeling a little tonight because of all that happened today. I was just really tired and wanted to go to bed.I got into bed and fell asleep watching Bob's burgers.

#~#~#~#~#~ IN THe MORNING#~#~#~#~#~

I woke up to blair shaking me awake I look over and I see the clock says 1:30 in the morning

"what give you the right to wake me up at this unholy hour" I said sitting up

"Dax and Lucas want to see you." she said trying to get me out of bed

"Tell them not right now it to early."i said laying back in bed

"sorry hun You got to come with me if you want to come or not" she said dragging me out of bed


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