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-Y/n L/n POV-

After meeting all the second years. The first years came out. I know all the people in this school but they aren't aware of my existence.

Today Gojou sensei asked me and Megumi to gather around the front. I was waiting for Megumi when Nobara came running to me.

"You won't believe what happened Y/n. There is this weird dude tryna fight Megumi. You have to help him. We don't know what will happen." She was panicking.

"Calm down. I will see what's going on. Nothing will happen to him when I'm here." I tried to be as calm I could to stop her from freaking out.

We marched towards the hallway where there was a vending machine.
Megumi was punched to a wall in front of me. And the wall cracked. I was furious to why he was doing it. And in front of him there was a suspicious guy.

He had a scar on his face and was pretty buffed. I could sense his cursed energy but it was mostly physical capabilities that he used and I was impressed.

When he was going for another punch I instinctively moved in front of Megumi and kicked the guy right in the middle. I didn't use my cursed energy because I shouldn't use it on people. He flew across and ended up in front of the vending machine.

I turned to Megumi and said "Get up. If you're in pain I will heal you."
Nobara fell down on her knees thinking everything was over. In the corner I could see Maki, Panda and Inumaki's head. They were snickering.

He looked at me and he did look relieved but it was mostly surprise because of my kick. I don't usual exorcise in from of people because I don't like doing my work in front of them.

"I- uh actually I will be fine." He said regaining his composure.

Then from the back someone tapped my shoulder. There he was, the guy that was fighting with Megumi in front of me. He opened his mouth and spoke "You are strong without your cursed energy. I want to know what kind of girls you like."

"Me? I don't like anyone but if you ask about it. I'd say tall girls with big butts." I deadpanned.
'What's up with his question?' I thought.

Then he widened his eyes. "In our hometown, we were best friends. They called us delinquents."

'I didn't even grow up with this guy.'

"I have absolutely no idea. But if you're gonna be my friend tell me your name and stop fighting." I don't know what's up with this school and weird dudes.

"My name is Todo. And I was only fighting because I wanted to see the strength of the people in Tokyo Jujutsu school." He tried to explained.

"Well I can't say I understand, but sure Todo-san." I picked up Megumi.

"Y-y/n senpai, you should put me down." He was embarassed I think. I'm just trying to help him.

"Megumi. You're hurt. Let me treat you." I said. He looked at the ground. Todo was just standing there and Nobara was probably unconscious when he said we were best friends. All the second years came out of the spot and starting drinking from the machine.

"Anyways Todo-san. See you." I waved him bye.

timeskip to standing in front of Gojou sensei

-Megumi POV-

I did remember Gojou sensei saying that Y/n senpai is strong but she kicked him across the room without cursed energy. She is a monster on another level.

She looked kinda cool too.

"So I called you and Y/n because you guys will have a mission together. This mission is dangerous so make sure you both don't die." Said Gojou sensei. Well, I guess this is my chance then. I can get stronger and protect my comrades.

I was going to tell Y/n senpai to gather at the front gate in the morning. When she spoke first. She said "At the front gate in the morning, right?"

'How did she-'

I was going to ask her something and she said "No, I do not read minds." And left me alone.

'What just happened?'

I was going to my dorm when Panda senpai called me to his and Inumaki senpai's room.

"Ho, Inumaki will also join the mission. It turns out Sensei wants him to go now. So, you better read his book so you understand him." Panda senpai explained.

I wanted to go on a mission with Y/n senpai alone. But I guess I have to endure it.

'I have taken a liking to senpai.' that's when it clicked.

'when did this happen? I have known her as the non existent second year. She saved me before too. Even when she didn't know me. I think, the recent incident made it clear to me.'

'I'm in trouble.'

-to be continued.

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