Chapter Six

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Kates pov

"I said I said I'm not going!" I yelled as I was holding on to the end of my bed as she was pulling my feet.

"I have strict orders to bring you to them tonight" as she was yelling at me to get up her phone rings and she stopped pulling me and looked at who was calling her.She told me not to say a word as she was answering the phone.

"I know .....she fighing me.....are you sure....okay" she said as she was hanging up

"okay they said nevermind" she said as she was walking away.I crawled back into bed and closed my eyes I felt someone put a cloth over my moth as I was starting to fall asleep I hear"i'm so sorry hun" then I black out


I wake up on a couch with a bunch of people talking over me.

"God i think you put to much you really knocked her out" someone says

"um..."I said a little scared

"Finally she is awake. Hey hon they would like to see you now" Blair said as she was helping me get up I was looking around and there were a lot of people with guns it scared me a lot.

We walk down a long dark hallway and I notice this place is really big like my god.We finally reach the end of the hallway to a big door.Blair knocks on the door and we hear a faint "come in".

"She is awake, '' Blair said as we were walking into the room. I looked around and there was a line of guys with some bags over their heads. we walk all the way over to dax and lucas leaning on a desk talking to each other.

"You can leave now blair" Luscas says loudly and blair walks out of the room leaving me.

" Okay why the hell am I here you guys walk me up at two in the morning. I am in my pJ's and blair KNOCked me out so what the heck" I said rather loudly. Both Lucas and dax eye went big.

" Well if you let us explain instead of being a brat about it then you would know now wouldn't you. Now sit down. " lucas said he sounded a little anger about what i said, i didn't want to make him more anger so i sat down like he said.

" As I was about to say, we need you to tell us which one of these guys is the one that laid their hands on you." he said, turning my chair around to face the guys standing in a line.

"what is going to happen to them ?" i said a little scared

"Nothing too bad we just want to let whoever touches you know what they can and can't touch sweetheart" Dax said as he started to take the bags off the guys head.As he pulled off the last bag I saw the guy who wouldn't leave me alone. He looked Really scared; he looked like he was sweating bullets.

"So which one did it hon" luscas said squatting down in front of me so we there eye level

"Do i have to do this I don't want anyone to get hurt" I said

"Well if you dont we will just have to teach them all sweetheart"dax said I huff and lean over to lucas and whisper that it was the guy on the end to him quietly. He nodded his head and walked over to the guy at the end and pulled him by the hair outside of the room well dax and lifting the other guys up.

"What's going to happen to him ?" i asked dax

" It's nothing you should worry your pretty little head about,It's getting really late how about you just spend the night we have an extra room." he said

"Are you sure?'

"Yeah come on" he said as he graded my hand and led me to a different door that I came out of and we started to go up some stairs. After some walking we make it to a door and open it up for me. It's a nice room. I say thank you to him and we go our separate ways.I ended falling asleep right away.


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