Chapter 4

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"Do you think it's her?"

"Of course it's her, right hyung?"

"Isn't she a doll?"

"Yah! Shut it, she's awake."



These two aspects are not my taste. I'm perfectly fine without having seven pairs of eyes staring at me. I have no intention in seeking attention here.

I couldn't bear the, I decided to break it. "Umm...who are you?" You ask obviously wanting to know more about where you are and who are these unknown men. For one thing I noticed about this place is that as if it came out of a gothic movie, which was...weird. 

At the question, all of them unitedly laughed...awkwardly. I was lying down on the dull colored bed with a poker face waiting for a proper explanation. "Eh hem..." A certain bronze haired male caught my attention by speaking up. That's when it hits me; they are the mansion caretakers...Y/N, apologize, now!

"Wait, I'm sorry, you'll are the mansion caretakers, am I right?" You mouth out the question in lightning speed, that I doubt they understood but since they were silent, I feel that they did. Ugh, Y/N, the fuck, you just embarrassed yourself when you just met them...Well done, Y/N, you deserve a round of applause. Oh my Gosh, what will they be thinking of me?

Should I be giving you an answer? But, don't you think you already have the answer?

Fine, I'll give it. Cute. That was the only thing that was running through their heads. They had been smiling the whole time and you failed to notice it. They couldn't help but wonder how a human being could look any cuter.

Your voice disturbs their train of thought. "Umm...Am I right?" You repeat slightly shaken at the way they were staring at you.

The same bronze-colored male spoke. "You could say..."  He answered a bit unsure himself while exchanging glances with the other men. "I'm Namjoon, Kim Namjoon." I nod at him smiling. "Kim Seokjin, nice to meet you." Another man greeted next to Namjoon who equally looks handsome as the others. "Min Yoongi" The looks this guy gives me is too...intimidating? Nope, definitely scary, hell, I could even feel myself starting to sweat. "Hi, I'm Jung Hoseok." This particular male was all the more cheery and welcoming more than the others. "At least someone has the common sense to smile..." I muttered. Not that no one smiled but that look the Yoongi guy gave me was not making me happy. That's bothering me for no fucking reason and couldn't help but reason it a very rude manner that is.

"What did you say?" Yoongi snapped at me in a deep voice which sent straight, cold shivers down my damn spine. He glared at me with a look of hatred and yeah...that eventually made my anger die down and the only thing I could do was pout.

All this time he was glaring at me as if any second he was ready to spit fire at me and the next he looks away rubbing his neck.

Yah, What just happened? Why did he look away like that? Questions kept popping in my head but a certain angelic voice cut through my chain of thoughts.

"Hello, nice to meet you, I'm Park Jimin." He gave me the most sweetest and cutest smile o which his eyes formed crescents just by doing so. You couldn't help but smile back at him.

"Kim Taehyung, nice meeting you." Sitting to the left of Jimin was an even more handsome- if even more handsome is possible, giving me a smile that was bizarre...but in the nicest way. The smile was the shape of a box- I know; how is that possible? you may ask. I'd rather deny the question cuz I have no idea myself.

Cuter than Jimin's? You were literally debating to fact whether Taehyung's or Jimin's smile was more cuter. You made up your mind to both of their deadly smiles looks cute and attractive.

Next to Taehyung was another male, I guess he's shy because his eyes explored the floor. Me, being the most sociable person alive...or not...tried to talk to this timid male. "Hey there, I'm Y/N, what's yours?" Asking him in the sweetest way possible, you look up at the other six. They were too busy glaring at the man I was speaking to, to see me looking at them.

I sat up on the bed and I could feel them tensing up at my movement. Still, this young male refused to answer me. "What's your name, sweetie?" I have a habit of calling everyone with these sort of names; even though I don't have any friends, its no big deal to me. As for the other six males, their eyes almost- almost popped out of their sockets, but remained quiet.

"I'm...Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook." He spoke up at last, making me smile. I went closer to him. He was tensing up at my action but I didn't care.

"Look at me, Jungkook." I said politely. He did as I said. For a moment, I was lost in his eyes. His eyes; held so much mystery, I felt as if I was the person to find it. Snapping out of it, I smiled at him. He had a blank face which made me sad.

"Can you please smile for me?" I asked cutely. I could see his lips curve into a smile, soon enough, exposing his teeth which made him look like a bunny. I couldn't stop myself from squeezing his cheeks which was already red.

" cute..." I let him go and went back to my seating position.

You were already getting pretty comfortable with them but little did you know what's coming next.


This was just a weird chapter...

Horrible, to say the least...

Anyways hope you enjoyed!!!

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