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-Third POV-

The bright stars illuminate the dark skies. Silence falls because not a single soul is uttering anything. The three students start to go to the place where they are supposed to carry out an exorcism.

Y/n is humming a song looking up at the sky. Swaying her hands from side to side. That was a rare site of her being childish. But that was only because she was thinking about someone special. Someone who used to hum the same song to her.

Inumaki is listening to her voice and thinking about her beautiful voice but he wouldn't dare to say that out loud. The student wouldn't admit to liking music because it seems ironic for someone who can barely talk to like songs.

While Megumi was just thinking about how he was going to get rid of his feelings for her. That was hard to do when she is being so adorable. He didn't like the fact that she had him wrapped up in her fingers. He knew she saw him as a child as someone who is her younger sibling.

They reached the destination. It was dark. It seemed like not a person in two years used that building. It looked something that all people would deem as something out of a horror movie.

The three of them enter the building. Y/n was humming even in the building, not that the two boys wanted her to stop. She stops abruptly.

They turn to see the sudden cause of the unpleasant incident. She looks scared. She looks like she could die. Her eyes are wide from the shock. They look at the direction of the 'thing' she was looking at.

They see the curse they were supposed to exorcise. He had blue hair with weird black designs on his face. He looked the same as her for a moment but then he started to smirk.

"Mahitko ni-san?" She managed to utter.

-Y/n POV-

He couldn't be alive? Is he even alive?

"Mahito ni-san? You're mistaken brat." He says. He's lying. He sounds the same. He shouldn't be here. It's dangerous.

"I know it's you ni-san. You shouldn't be here it's dangerous." I said looking at him urging him to get out.

"You best think you can name me as what you like? And I'm going to kill all of you just so you know." He sounds like he means it.

Then I see Megumi attack him with his dogs. Mahito with a flick of the fingers makes the dogs disappear.
Inumaki uses his cursed speech to say "disappear"

That doesn't work either.
Nothing they tried worked.
Then there came another curse. I was too indulged in the guys fighting that I didn't notice it creep behind and put it's hand on my neck trying to choke me.
I was in shock. This isn't happening.

I hear Megumi yelling me to come back to reality. Inumaki is trying his best to fight the other curse but the same as Mahito. It doesn't work.

But then Mahito looks like he could kill a bitch. He comes in front the curse that is choking and his eyes look dead.
"You. Hands off of her"
Ni-san never sounded this terrifying.

And after saying that. He makes the curse disappear.
It's gone now.
I exhale not even knowing that I've been holding my breath.
I fall down on my knees, not aware that tears start to fall off my eyes.

Mahito doesn't say anything. He just gets down to my level and hugs me. Humming the song he taught me.
I feel safe.
"It's been way too long Y/n. I'm sorry but I have to go. Don't die on me. you two, if I see a single strand of her hair missing you'll be dead."

That's the last thing I heard before blacking out.

-Inumaki POV-

"Mahito ni-san." she called him her brother? But that's supposed to be a curse. Megumi doesn't let go of the chance to attack "Mahito"

But with the flick of a finger, his attacks are useless.
All that power is being channeled through his finger? He must be experienced and strong.
I used my cursed speech too. It didn't even make a small cut on him.
What the hell will we do?

"Y/n senpai! There is a curse behind you!" I hear Megumi yell. I looked at the direction of Y/n. And there's a curse behind her choking her. She doesn't look like she's with us. She looks dead but I know she isn't.

Then "Mahito" walks to them. I'm scared that he's gonna make a move on her but instead he kills his own kind and bends down to Y/n as she's crying. Humming a song.

It's similar to what Y/n was humming. No, it was the same. He tells her he has to go. She's gripping on to his shirt. She's never been this vulnerable. Even tho I haven't know her for long. She's extremely strong and doesn't show the slightest of emotions.

"you two, if I see a single strand of her hair missing you'll be dead." And he walks away.

'That must be her actual brother. But it isn't like I wasn't gonna protect her anyways. I too wanted to keep her safe. Who wouldn't?'

'wait what?'

'nah, I'm just looking out for her.'

'she looks pretty even if she's cryin-'

-to be continued.

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