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"You didn't attract from me," He said to smirk while coming towards me I started going backward, soon I bumped into a wall of the kitchen he cage me between his arms his eyes are on my lips, I blushed so hard feeling his intense gaze over me and the next thing he does is very surprising

Next moment he pressed his lips over mine

I quickly grabbed the hem of his shirt in a halt with a small gasp, he is kissing me His lips brushed mine. Not innocent, like a tease, but hot, fiery, passionate, and demanding. I want to pull away before I lose myself, but I can't seem to...In this minty moment, my senses have been seduced and I can no longer think straight. "Eternity," he whispers slowly, prolonging each letter as if to savor them. I arched my head back closing my eyes, when his hand reaches my thighs and he clutched my waist so tightly, my heart fluttering at his voice as I clasp my hands on either side of his shoulders and gripped his shoulders. Never before has my name ever felt so wonderful a one, I think, as I lean in for another...

His tongue is in my mouth tasting me, Feel like they're moving in slow motion, then he nibbles my lower lip and I moaned and kissed him back with the same passion I can feel he becomes aroused We kissed each other so passionately, but due to my lungs need oxygen to be alive we have to pull apart we both are breathing rapidly

His lips were swollen as mine His arms were still on my waist tightly he started feather-like soft kisses on my collarbone and shoulder and I was moaning in pleasure. I gasped when his hand brushed against my thighs; he touched me and caressed me, sending delicious sensation to my spine

"Aaron," I breathe hard he rested his forehead against mine

I closed my eyes, calming my overwhelming nerves Soon his arms losses around my waist "What you are doing to me, why I wanted you so much even though, I loathe you further than everything, because isn't you marry me because of money, my name, my fame, why you so often cherish about me indeed, you make my lunch you cause my breakfast, you bring coffee for me whenever I was in my study why you are acting like caring wife," He drawled to me

I stared at him without blinking, while my hands clenched into fists, why did he always think like this about me did he think that I am acting

"I never give you any reason to hate me, it's all I'm your mind that you think that I am a gold digger and I betrayed you no never Aaron," This time teras were gathered and ready to fall from my eyes but these tears are very loyal to me they never fall without my permission I didn't want to cry in front of him "And for your information, I am not the one died to marry you, you forced me in this marriage after that I thought I can least try to be a good wife to you because maternal grandmother taught me I saw her since childhood besides that if you don't like me, then you don't have to tolerate me because we are in a contract marriage so someday we have divorce each other"

"Don't ever talk about divorce again," He said while his eyes are dark, and his jaw is clenched

"Why I will talk, after all, I am nothing for you right I am only a gold digger you love only your multi-billion dollar company and your success, besides emotions and feelings are nothing for you right," I said I can feel my heart rate is increased even my body is shaking and I walk past to him towards my room

I am nothing for him all he wanted his company and his money; I am nothing he is a devil he doesn't care about my emotions.


Several days have been passed since I last saw him Aaron is out of the country he is in Australia his business is spread across the world so he has to several places,

I am sitting in my room actually after our kiss I am feeling awkward to go in front of him plus I am angry with him. Thank god he is out of the country so I didn't have to face him

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