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Eternity pov

Slowly, I opened my eyes a dull sciatic ache had settled into my head all over my body, when I touched my head I feel fabric wrapped around it like a medication bandage

My hands are also covered with gauze, and my stomach is bruised, I can't understand much around me, because I felt so dizzy but I slowly begin to sense the pain

Then I noticed, I am in a big king-sized bed Soft silk duvet is over my waist I frowned
How I ended up here, I clearly remembered that mysterious men kidnapping and beating me severely, I tried to sit on the bed but failed due to pain

"You awake," a soft voice said to me, I can feel a feeling of Regret in his voice, I looked It was Aaron, but my mind is still on that kidnapper at how mercilessly he beat me

In the grip of silent panic, wild eyes, pupils dilated, heart racing, brain on fire, brain synapses firing like a hyped-up internal aurora borealis, like a cluster bomb exploding in my brain, turned my brain to a mental soup of conflicting instructions, brain frozen, brain feeling like it's seized up, shrill scream, running aimlessly, frozen in panic, arms flapping almost comically, almost threw up, brain feeling like it's been pickled in mess by remembering that I started panicking, Aaron pulled me into his arms

I quickly hugged him, he also hugged me but soon I feel like air chocked out from me, because my stomach is having an injury
I gasped for breathing and closed my eyes so tightly

"Shit, are you alright, please lay down and take a rest," he said while laying me gently on the bed and pulling a soft duvet over my waist, and kissing my forehead caressing my hair

Then I saw two other men there, they are fhil his eyes are filled with concerns for me and another unknown face he also seems worried for me

Seeing them, my body becomes stiff and I quickly sit with my knees up near my chest, I felt pressure in my throat soon I find myself coughing, I felt Aaron is rubbing my back softly

The next step is my heart starting to beat harder and faster, adrenaline levels rise, my balls try to crawl up inside my body, and my brain fires out negative thoughts like a machine gun.

As sweat happens all over the body. It feels like your skin has another hot skin on the outside. Like a bin bag, it moves over your body and never releases.

The negative thoughts keep coming like waves on rocks. The blood pounded in my ears my heart thudded in my chest my hands are shaking so badly, my feet tingled making my vision disfigured, as if I were looking through a fish-eye lens I had to get away, I couldn't stay near this room any longer seeing my condition
Aaron pulled me in his arms gently and carefully so that it couldn't hurt me I hugged him hiding my face in his broad chest, after that kidnapping incident I can't feel comfortable around any other men, but why I didn't feel fear and uneasy when I was with Aaron

"It's okay eternity,", Aaron said and kissed my forehead and cupped my face," No one is going to harm you I promise I will rip their hands off, if anyone will ever dare to touch you for harming," But my face hides in his chest

"P... please don't kill me," I swallowed

"Dylin, Fhil both should go now in my study, we will talk later," Aaron said to them

They both nodded and started going, Fhil stops indoor of the bedroom and turn around to look at me, I can see tears gathered in his eyes

"Sleep Eter you need rest," Aaron said and I stare at him

"Please don't leave me alone," I said while tears streaming down from my eyes I still clutched his shirt. silently I am begging him not to leave me alone, my mind is still filled with anxiety and fear
He nodded and lay beside I rest me my head in his broad chest and his hand is gently caressing my hair

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