Quidditch World Cup

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~4th Year~
Harry and Elizabeth mailed each other frequently after his visit in his 2nd year. Hedwig would deliver Harry's then wait for Elizabeth to respond to go back. They would write quite frequently to each other and they told each other about their days. It was quote adorable really. Harry loved to talk with her and Elizabeth liked to talk to him as well.

It was very early on a Monday morning when Elizabeth woke up to people talking across the room. She sat up slowly and saw Harry and another girl she hadn't met before. She was excited to see Harry again, it's been some time since the last time she saw him.

"Are you alright?" Hermione asked Harry, not noticing Elizabeth yet.

"Hermione. Bad dream. When did you get here?" He replied while putting on his glasses.

"Just now. You?"

"Last night."

Hermione walks over to her brothers bed and yells at him to get up, making her let out a quiet chuckle.

Hermione turns towards Elizabeth and straightens up, they hadn't met before nor have they mentioned Elizabeth a lot to her.

"Oh hello! What's your name." Hermione asks while walking over to her.

"Hello, I'm Elizabeth." She responds quietly. Ron notices that they are talking and comes to her rescue.

"She's my honorary twin sister." Ron's says using the term he used years ago to Harry and walking over. Hermiones eyes widened in surprise.

"Oh! I didn't know you had another sister!" Hermione says.

"She's homeschooled." Ron replies while giving Elizabeth a hug and walking back to his dresser to get clothes.

Harry gets out of bed and smiles at Elizabeth, she was asleep when he arrived last night so she didn't see he was here before. He pushes his dream out of his mind and walks over to her bed as well. She smiles at him and gets up to give him a small hug, which he returned with a small blush on his face.

"Hello Harry." Elizabeth says.

"Good morning, Bee" He says using the nickname he gave her after using it in his letters.

"How are you doing?" Elizabeth asked whiling pulling back from the hug.

"Quite well, how about you?" He replied awkwardly. He was no where near as smooth as he tried to be in his letters but she didn't notice.

"Elizabeth! Will you come down here please!" Molly yelled from the kitchen.

"I'll be back." Elizabeth replies softly smiling at him, her brother, and Hermione. She skips down stairs and sees her mother and father in the kitchen.

Ron begins to tell Hermione about who she was, excluding the part about her extra powers, nor answering why she didn't go to Hogwarts. Harry wondered as well but could never get an answer.

Meanwhile Elizabeth walks into the kitchen following the sound of noises and sees her parents.

"Yes?" She says with a smile and sits at the table. Her mother places a small cup of tea in front of her just to ease her nerves if needed. After which she sits in front of her and softly grabs her hand across the table with Arthur next to her.

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